Salar Mesdaghinia

PhD Student

Salar Mesdaghinia


I am a PhD candidate in management at the C.T. Bauer College of Business. I am interested in figuring out why some organizational members (e.g., employees, leaders), and collectives (e.g., workgroups, departments) behave in a prosocial and supportive way whereas others do not, as well as the consequences of such behaviors within organizations. To fulfill this goal, I am working at the cross-section of Leadership, Organizational Support Theory, and Moral Psychology.

Since summer of 2011, I have worked as a management consultant at the Organizational Productivity Research Group at the University of Houston, during which I have advised organizations such as the City of Houston, HostGator, and Texana on various organizational issues. I have also worked as a software engineer, project manager, and software consultant for two years.

I have also taught Introduction to Organizational Behavior and Management to undergraduate students at the Bauer College of Business.

Research Interests

  • Perceived follower support (a leadership construct developed out of Organizational Support Theory)
  • Supportive and ethical leadership
  • Moral emotions in organizations

Working Papers

  • Mesdaghinia, S. & Eisenberger, R. Antecedents and Consequences of Perceived Follower Support. Target: Journal of Applied Psychology.
  • Mesdaghinia, S., Wu, H., Zhang, J. & Wang, L. Leadership, Anticipation of Moral Emotions, and Employee Behaviors toward Coworkers. Target: Academy of Management Journal.
  • Eisenberger, R., Mesdaghinia, S. & Shore, L. M. Antecedents of Supportive Leadership. Target: Academy of Management Review.
  • Eisenberger, R., Wang, Z., Mesdaghinia, S., Wu, H., & Wickham, R. Perceived Follower Support: Compensation for Supervisor's Low Perceived Organizational Support. Target: Journal of Applied Psychology.
  • Zheng, D., Gonzalez-Morales, M. G., Eisenberger, E., Kim, K. Y., Mesdaghinia, S., & Farmer, B. Challenge and Hindrance Appraisals: The Influence of Perceived Organizational Support and Organizational Resources, Target: Journal of Applied Psychology.
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    • Introduction to organizational behavior and management


    MBA from The Hague University
    Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from Sharif University of Technology
    Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering from University of Tehran