Bauer College Alumni Association

Board of Directors 2015-2016

Join the BCAA Board

It is time for us to evaluate any current committee members or previous members that you would like to become a member of the board. Any nominees must have served at least a year of service on any committee within BCAA and it does not have to have been this past year. All nominations are to be sent to Jeremy Sturgill by Friday, July 8 at Please include the nominee's resume with the nomination form.

There are four openings this year: Sponsorship Chair, Engagement Co-Chair, Budget and Financial Reporting Chair and Community Service Co-Chair.

Executive Committee

  • Patrick Gonzales
    Patrick Gonzales

    MBA ’06
    President, BCAA

  • Ariana Cavazos
    Ariana Cavazos

    BBA ’09
    Vice President, Marketing and Co-Chair, Engagement Committee, BCAA

  • Jeremy Sturgill
    Jeremy Sturgill

    BBA ’06
    Secretary and Chair, Tailgate Committee and Chair, Sponsorships Committee, BCAA

  • Barry Wilken
    Barry Wilken

    BBA ’91
    Treasurer & Co-Chair, Finance Committee, BCAA

  • Margarita Barcenas
    Margarita Barcenas

    MBA ’03
    Past President, BCAA

Board of Directors

  • Faith Aguirre
    Faith Aguirre

    BBA ’11
    Co-Chair, Cougar Power Hour, BCAA

  • Michelle Alvarez
    Michelle Alvarez

    BBA ’13
    Chair, Engagement Committee and Co-Chair, Community Service Committee, BCAA

  • Kevin Bates
    Kevin Bates

    BBA ’07
    Chair, Breakfast Committee, BCAA

  • Jason Erwin
    Jason Erwin

    MBA ’12
    Co-Chair, Golf Tournament Committee, BCAA

  • Danny Harvey
    Danny Harvey

    MBA ’12
    Co-Chair, Finance Committee
    Chair, MBA/EMBA Committee, BCAA


  • Chad Helmcamp
    Chad Helmcamp

    BBA ’99
    Co-Chair, Golf Tournament Committee, BCAA

  • Irene Hernandez
    Irene Hernandez

    BBA ’13
    Co-Chair, Community Service Committee, BCAA

  • Kelly McClurkin Granado
    Kelly McClurkin

    MBA ’06
    Chair, Marketing Committee, BCAA

  • Karla Villarreal
    Karla Villarreal

    BBA ’06
    Co-Chair, Cougar Power Hour Committee, BCAA

Advisory Members

  • Anne Ness
    Anne Ness

    Director of Alumni Relations
    C. T. Bauer College of Business

  • Mike Pede
    Mike Pede

    Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations, University of Houston Alumni Association