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On Campus

UH Hilton Hotel - Located across the street from the Bauer College of Business. For reservation, call 713-741-2447.

Off Campus

For choices of nearby hotels in the Downtown Houston area, please access and review the 'featured' hotels or conduct a search for your preferred hotel.


On Campus
Name Location Phone Number
Starbucks Located on the 2nd floor of Melcher Hall (Bauer College)  
Eric's Located in the Lobby of the Hilton Hotel. Reservations are recommended. Latin/Mexican Cuisine 713-743-2512
Food Service Campus Food Service Locations
Off Campus

Since our campus is very close to Downtown Houston, you may find you want to venture off-campus for lunch. For choices of places to eat in Downtown Houston across all types of cuisine, access and search under 'Downtown Houston'.

Taxi / Limousine Information

Please access these links to find a taxi or limo to provide transportation to/from our office: