Bauer Center for Business Ethics

About Us

Welcome to the Bauer Center for Business Ethics Online Resources.

The C. T. Bauer College of Business believes in the importance of exposing its students to the study of business ethics throughout their educational careers. Students in the Bauer College are introduced to business ethics concepts and problems early in their studies, and are required to complete a capstone course on business law and ethics toward the end of their studies. Additionally, Bauer faculty members are encouraged to incorporate an ethics component into their courses so that students have continuous exposure to the study of business ethics throughout the curriculum. To assist both students and faculty in studying and teaching business ethics, the Bauer Center for Business Ethics was created in 2005.

Bauer Center for Business Ethics (BCBE)

The BCBE online resources for students includes items such as suggested readings in business ethics; access to corporate/professional codes of conduct; and lists of common ethical dilemmas in business. It is intended that Bauer students use this web page as a starting point when completing any research or assignment on business ethics, or when ethical dilemmas may arise within their personal and professional lives.

Additionally, a Bauer Faculty resources link was created to house copyrighted instructional resources for Bauer faculty to use when incorporating the study of business ethics into their courses. The primary instructional tools include items such as contemporary business ethics articles; links to web-based videos that easily can be assigned to students; case studies and teaching notes; links to interactive games on business ethics; and a video library housing presentations by industry leaders in business ethics. All online materials are organized by discipline to enable quick and easy access by faculty.

Other materials available outside the BCBE website include non-electronic resources such as videos, books, and other materials Bauer Faculty members may check out for use in the classroom. A test bank on business ethics topics and a video library housing the Leadership and Ethics speaker series and other presentations on business ethics will be added sometime in the near future.