Institute for Diversity and Cross Cultural Management


The University of Houston is the most diverse research university in America! Many organizations have an intuitive appreciation for managing and leveraging diversity. In today's competitive environment, intuition does not suffice.

Having hard data that supports the business reasons for managing and leveraging diversity has become increasingly important. Many studies have documented the impact of managing and leveraging diversity as a business necessity.

World-renowned organizations have provided grounding for this issue in terms that make it easier for organizations to understand the fiscal impact of creating and maintaining engaged and diverse workforces.

Some of the organizations whose research has been instrumental in providing insights to this issue include:

  • Stanford School of Management
  • MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Gallup Management Journal
  • The Public Agenda Foundation
  • The Conference Board
  • McKinsey Reports
  • Others.

New Research Projects & Opportunities

Many doctoral students look for unique approaches to a research topic that involve the issue of diversity management. The Institute is willing to help structure research guidelines and projects to help these doctoral students and is willing to provide access to creative approaches to managing the diverse workforces found in most companies.

For more information regarding the opportunities available as well as the guidelines for the use of the data involved in these joint projects, contact the Institute at

Research & Academic Advisory Board

The research and academic advisory board will assist the Institute with development of content for graduate-level, diversity management courses to be offered by the Bauer College of Business.

The board will also assist the Institute in its pursuit and implementation of research projects in the field of diversity management. The board will also help the Institute reach out to various faculty members at the University of Houston for assistance and involvement.

Current Research Associates