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Annual Energy Trading Conference

"Energy Market Price Integrity: Policy, Enforcement, and Litigation"

The subject of manipulation in commodity markets generally, and energy markets in particular, has exploded into prominence in recent years. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission have become increasingly aggressive in wielding their anti-manipulation powers. Firms have paid, and others are at risk to having to pay, hundreds of millions of dollars for allegedly taking actions that undermined the integrity of the prices of electricity, natural gas, and petroleum. Private litigation has grown apace as well.

Given the huge stakes, energy firms and energy traders need to understand this new regulatory, enforcement and litigation landscape. To help them do so, in its well-established role as a neutral forum where market participants, policymakers, and the legal profession can exchange opinions on matters of importance to the energy industry, the University of Houston Global Energy Management Institute is hosting a conference titled: “Energy Market Price Integrity: Policy, Enforcement, and Litigation,” to be held on the University of Houston campus on February 27, 2014.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Regulatory Policy and Tools: The Prohibitions on Market Disruption and Manipulation, and Position Limits;
  • Enforcement Priorities and Trends;
  • Responding to Regulatory and Criminal Investigations; and
  • Private Litigation and Damages.

Confirmed speakers include Commissioner Scott O’Malia of the CFTC, Gary Morsches, CME managing director for Energy, and an impressive array of regulators, prosecutors, litigators, and academics. Attendees will therefore hear a wide range of views from an array of decision makers and informed participants in the ongoing regulatory and judicial efforts to find the right policy, enforcement and private litigation balance to ensure the integrity of energy prices.


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