The Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship

Academic Programs

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

WCE Business majors sometimes bring to the program a personal business idea, but that is not a requirement for acceptance. Students create and perfect their idea and business plan throughout their experience in the program. In addition, students have access to a number of resources such as: mentors, roundtables, peers, business plan writing tools, program leadership, faculty and staff which offer a holistic approach to supporting each student’s post-graduation goals. Whether they include post-graduate studies, employment or starting a business, each student has the opportunity to transform their passion into their definition of success.

The BBA in Entrepreneurship is a lockstep program comprised of six custom-designed courses:

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Revenues
  • Costs
  • Capital
  • Entrepreneurial Perspectives & Business Plan
  • Implementation

This plan covers four semesters; students begin with an introduction to Entrepreneurship (ENTR 3310) and apply for program admission during the fall semester. A total of 35-45 students are admitted each year via a rigorous application and selection process.

Course #
Course Name
Prerequisite Required
ENTR 3310 Entrepreneurship Overview University of Houston Student
ENTR 3312 Intrapreneurship (a.k.a. Corporate Entrepreneurship) University of Houston Student
4320 Entrepreneurial Revenues ENTR 3310
4330 Entrepreneurial Costs & Budgets ENTR 3310
4340 Entrepreneurial Capital ENTR 4320 and ENTR 4330
4350 Entrepreneurial Strategy & Perspectives ENTR 4320 and ENTR 4330
4360 Entrepreneurship Business Plan & Implementation ENTR 4340 and ENTR 4350