Bauer Graduate Certificates

The "Diversity Management Certificate" Program

You must be a current Bauer graduate student (MBA or MS) to earn one of our graduate certificates listed on this page.

Emphasis Area: Analytics

This four day certificate program will provide participants with real world challenges for diversity practitioners. Participants will receive an extensive case study prior to attending the workshop. There will also be executives presenting, critiquing and/or participating in the workshop each day. Participants will have pre-workshop requirements including:

  1. Complete review of case study (30+ Pages) before class.
  2. My Several reading assignments - Text books must be ordered ( before class.

Upon arrival teams will be assigned to work on the case studies. The final morning, each team will get to present their 'roadmap' to success before a group of corporate executives requesting funding and staffing to implement the strategies developed by the team.

These executives 'take off the gloves' - and ask extremely challenging questions and give each team candid feedback. Participants get to make their 'mistakes' in the context of the workshop. Learn what it takes to get leadership support and involvement. There will be a HEAVY emphasis on metrics and analytics; including the quantitative and qualitative metrics patented by - The Spartacus Analytics Group connected to the DEPS - Diversity Earnings Per Share factor.

Target Audience

  • Diversity Directors
  • Diversity Managers
  • Diversity Coordinators
  • Diversity Council Members
  • Networking Group Leaders
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Human Resource Directors
  • Leaders of Mentoring Programs
  • Corporate Ethics Director
  • Corporate Ethics Managers


Our previous Programs Were a Tremendous Success!

The participants in one recent class represented organizations totaling more than 450,000 employees with over $350 Billion Dollars in annual revenue! The participants were given an opportunity to reinforce the classroom learning with a case study linked to actual business challenges and obstacles.

There will be a limited number of seats.

  • DURATION : 4 ½ Days
  • PRICE : $3,500 Per Participant (Limited # Non-Profit & Govt. Rates Available)
  • ADDITIONAL COSTS : Text Book & Hotel
  • Number of Days: 4 ½ Days
  • Location: C. T. Bauer College of Business
  • Dates: October 1 - 5, 2007

For More Information please contact:

Craig B. Clayton, Sr.
Phone: 281-983-5993

Due to Craig's Extensive Travel Schedule - The Preferred Method of Communicating is by E-Mail

Certificates: You must be a current Bauer graduate (MBA or MS Finance) student to enroll in any of our certificate programs.