Bauer Study Abroad Programs

The Bauer College study abroad programs are designed to give students an opportunity to learn about local business practices "on the ground" by immersing students in local culture, learning from on-site visits with local businesses, and meeting with government officials. Each of these study abroad programs follows a similar model - the week "on the ground" is a component of traditional courses, offered in spring semester (Chile), spring break in China (Shenzhen/Hong Kong) or summer sessions (Berlin, Prague). The non-traditional contact hours spent in-country provide a unique external classroom that complements the traditional classroom or online component of courses upon return to Houston. Each program is unique.


This trip is designed to allow students to experience the German culture as well as learn about doing business in Europe. Students may take two courses for up to 6 credit hours.


The Chile program provides students an opportunity to learn “on the ground” from senior management in Chilean companies who work in a global context. Students will learn about the Chilean economic model, why their economy is so dynamic and competitive, and have an opportunity to learn about operations through briefings and site visits.

China: Shenzhen and Hong Kong

At one time it was a sleepy fishing village but no longer. When Shenzhen was designated a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in 1979 it began the transformation into the vibrant, exciting city that it is today. Shenzhen’s proximity to Hong Kong’s rich capital base and extensive management expertise was the catalyst that led it to be designated as the first SEZ in China. Together, these cities provide a window into China’s past, present and future and provide a roadmap for attaining global success in the future.


This trip is designed to allow students to learn about Global Expansion of business especially in Asia: the opportunities, the challenges, the problems, the solutions and experiencing the Indian culture.


Paris or La Ville-Lumière" ("The City of Light") is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. It has a fairytale reputation and is considered to be the luxury capital of the world. It is this reputation that prompted us to partner with ESSEC the leading business school for a Luxury MBA to provide the Bauer Study Abroad to Paris.


This trip is designed to allow students to experience the culture of the Czech Republic as well as learn about doing business in Eastern Europe. Students may take both courses for up to 6 credit hours. Both courses are on-line courses registered with distance education. The study abroad trip and an orientation session are mandatory course requirements. Students are not allowed to participate in both the Prague and other study abroad trips in the same summer.