Department of Accountancy & Taxation

Internships for PPA & MS ACCY students

If you are interested in obtaining an internship position, you can review the list of internship positions maintained on the Rockwell Career Services and University Career Services Center web site. Most large and midsize accounting firms make offers for student internships one year in advance of the internship start date.

Some internship positions listed on the web site may not qualify for internship credit. It is your responsibility to ensure that the internship position meets the requirements outlined below.

Internship Position Eligibility Requirements

Internships are designed to provide you real accounting experience while completing your academic coursework. You may obtain accounting course credit for work that is directly related to accounting and meets the criteria specified by the Texas Uniform Certified Public Accounting Examination in Section 511.57(D) of the Public Accountancy Act of 1991. The Texas State Board of Public Accountancy will recognize only three hours of internship toward the 30 hours accounting hours required to take the CPA examination. Additional information is available at the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy website under Exam/Qualification link to Application of Intent,

The Texas State Board of Public Accountancy emphasizes that the knowledge gained during an internship position must be equal to or greater than the knowledge that would have been gained in a traditional accounting course. In the spirit of this requirement, internship positions must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. The internship work must be directly related to accounting.
  2. During the internship, the student must have access to a CPA that can answer questions and provide guidance.
  3. At least 320 hours must be worked over the course of the internship. At least half of these hours must occur during the semester the student is registered for the internship course.
  4. The internship should significantly expand the student's knowledge of accounting.
  5. The internship should be probationary in nature. Permanent accounting positions or accounting positions in which the student is performing functions learned in a prior period are not eligible for internship credit. (e.g. definite start and end dates, identification of the position as an internship in the offer letter, etc.)

Professional Program in Accounting (PPA) and Master Program in Accounting (MS ACCY) students should contact Dr. Michael Newman at for questions regarding course credit for their internship.


  1. Non PPA, BBA. Accounting majors are not eligible to pursue credit for their internship through the Accounting Department.
  2. Students on PPA probation will not be approved to complete an accounting internship for academic credit during their probationary semester.

Internship Approval & Registration

You must register for internship credit prior to performing the internship. Credit may not be received ex post facto. You must retain a copy of each item for your personal records and provide evidence of all items if requested by the TSBPA. Failure to comply with any condition will result in your withdrawal from the course without a refund.