Department of Accountancy & Taxation

Bauer Accounting Faculty are Highly–Sought Thought Leaders

UH Bauer faculty are among the most highly productive faculty of any business school in the world, publishing numerous articles in leading academic journals and books as well as holding editorial board positions. Following is a listing of recent publications by our accounting faculty:

  • Kanagaretnam, Kiridaran, Chee Yeow Lim and Gerald J. Lobo. “Auditor reputation and earnings management: International evidence from the banking industry.” Journal of Banking and Finance [forthcoming]
  • Moser, W., K. Newberry and W.A. Puckett. “Bank Debt Covenants and Firms’ Responses to FAS 150 Liability Recognition: Evidence from Trust Preferred Stock”. Review of Accounting Studies [forthcoming]
  • Cheng, Agnes, Henry Huang, Yinghua Li and Gerald J. Lobo. “Institutional monitoring through shareholder litigation.” Journal of Financial Economics [2010]
  • Langberg, Nisan and K. Sivaramakrishnan. “Voluntary disclosures and analyst feedback.” Journal of Accounting Research [2010]
  • Demski, Joel, John Fellingham and Haijin Lin. “Tension relevance.” Journal of Management Accounting Research [2009]

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