Department of Accountancy & Taxation

Department Success

An accounting degree from the University of Houston Bauer College puts you ahead of the pack in Houston and gives you a competitive edge worldwide.

As the Rankings Attest, Bauer’s Accounting Program is Unmatched

  • UH Bauer students are the most highly recruited of any Houston business school by large public accounting firms in Houston.
  • UH Bauer offers the only comprehensive accounting program in Houston, with programs for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • UH Bauer has the #1 accounting faculty in Houston.  Bauer’s accounting faculty is ranked #2 in Texas and #23 in North America (sharing this Top 25 position with Yale) according to UTD’s Top 100 North American Rankings of Business Schools Based on Research Contribution for 2006–2009.
  • UH Bauer #2 (23rd in North America) ranking among the top six business schools in Texas places it ahead of SMU ranked #3 (31st in North America), University of Texas at Dallas ranked #4 (43rd in North America), Texas A&M ranked #5 (46th in North America) and Rice ranked #6 (49th in North America).
  • UH Bauer accounting program is the only top 20 in the world internal audit program in Houston.