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Double-Count Registration

Double-Count Registration

Double-Counts are graduate-level courses available to PPA students. PPA students have the option to enroll in two (2) graduate courses, and if successfully completed, the courses fulfill BBA-Advanced-Electives and MSACCY-degree requirements. Enrollment in these courses is optional and requires the submission of MSACCY application supplemental materials by the appropriate deadline. If you have any concerns regarding your application materials, please discuss them with your PPA advisor.

Note that the official Apply Texas application should not be submitted for the semester in which double-counts are taken but rather the semester following completion of one's bachelor's degree.

Application Deadline

FallJune 1
SpringSeptember 1
SummerFebruary 1

Required Documents - All of the following items must be submitted by the deadline date indicated above.

1. Letters of Recommendation

Two (2) letters of recommendation addressing the applicant's likelihood of success in the program must be submitted. These letters of recommendation should be completed by professors, employers, or professionals having direct knowledge of your academic and/or professional performance.

An electronic letter of recommendation (eLOR) is available for recommenders. CLICK HERE to request recommendation letters.

Once a request is sent via the link above, the recommender receives an email from the MSACCY Admissions office with a unique link to eLOR. Next, the recommender completes the eLOR and clicks "submit." Once the eLOR is submitted, the link is no longer active and cannot be used again. Applicants may track the status of their eLORs using the link above.

2. Résumé

To submit the resume, please CLICK HERE. Once the resume is submitted, a confirmation email is sent to the address provided.

3. Statement of Goals

To submit the statement, please CLICK HERE.

A goals statement should be one to two pages in length. The statement should address the applicant's specific area of interest within accounting, short-term and long-term professional goals, and any additional information pertinent to one's application such as offer of employment.


To register for the GMAT, please CLICK HERE.

When taking the exam, please select school code XT1-26-67 for University of Houston

When considering the timing of the GMAT, please consider the posted deadline dates and allow at least 2 weeks from the date of completing the GMAT scores for the university to receive them.


1. Do I need to submit a MSACCY application when requesting Double-Counts?

No, the MSACCY application should not be submitted for the semester in which double-counts are taken. The MSACCY application should be submitted for the semester following completion of your bachelor's degree. It is recommended to submit the Apply Texas application as soon as it is available for the semester following completion of your bachelor’s degree.

2. What information should be included in my goal statement?

The statement should be about 1-2 pages and should be reviewed carefully for grammatical and/or organizational errors. There are no specific requirements for the goal statement, but general recommendations are as follows:

  • State your personal and professional goals. Explain how you developed them (using specific examples) and how being a part of MSACCY will help you reach them.
  • Highlight your achievements and explain how they relate to your being an asset.
  • Address any inconsistencies in your application, such as low grades or a low GMAT score. However, do not list external reasons for these weaker areas. Instead, focus on what you learned as a result of these experiences.
  • State the area/track (if any) that you are interested in and why. If you’ve accepted an internship offer, mention it.
  • Include why you chose UH (for both BBA and MSACCY).

Before submitting your statement, please do not forget to proofread it. Ask someone else to read what you’ve written, as another person is more likely to notice grammatical and/or organizational errors. You want to show the committee that you put time and effort into your statement.

3. If I am approved to take double-counts, am I admitted to the MSACCY program?

No. Approval to enroll in double-counts does not mean acceptance into the MSACCY program.

Consideration for admissions to the MSACCY program requires an official Apply Texas application, which should not be submitted at this time. The application for the MSACCY program is submitted after completion of your bachelor's degree.

4. Once I am approved to take the double-counts, do I enroll myself OR does my advisor process enrollment in the double-counts?

Each semester, the PPA Advisor sends an enrollment form to the PPA-Advisor listserv for students to request enrollment. Once approved, the PPA Advisor enrolls students in the double-counts.

5. Will I pay graduate tuition and fees for the double-counts?

PPA students have the advantage of paying undergraduate tuition and fees for the double-counts.