Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Spring 2008

Time: Friday, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: 126 Melcher Hall
Open to the public: no reservation or registration required.

Date Speaker's Details Title & Manuscript
February 1 Dipankar Chakravarti
University of Colorado
"Value Construction and Bidding Behavior in Descending and Ascending Auctions"
February 8 Michel Wedel
University of Maryland
"My Mobile Music: An Adaptive Personalization System for Digital Audio Players"
February 15 Christophe Van den Bulte
University of Pennsylvania
"Two-Stage Partial Observability Models of Innovation Adoption"
February 22 Douglas Bowman
Emory University
"Customer Retention in Business Services"
February 29 Russ Laczniak
Iowa State University
"The Effects of Brand Usage on Consumers' Immediate and Delayed Responses to Positive and Negative Comparative Advertisements"
March 7 Randy Bucklin
"Assessing the Pay-Off from Paid Search Advertising"
March 14 Jagdip Singh
Case Western Reserve University
"Salesperson Effectiveness for Customer Commitment: Complementary or Supplementary Mechanisms of Trust and Control"
March 21 Spring Holiday
March 28 Aric Rindfleisch
University of Wisconsin
"The Safety of Objects: Materialism, Insecurity, and Brand Connection"
April 4 Doctoral Symposium
April 11 Post-Symposium Break
April 18 Ashok Lalwani
UT San Antonio
"Motivated Response Styles in Cross-Cultural Research: The Role of Regulatory Focus and Self-Consciousness in Socially Desirable Responding"