Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Spring 2009

Time and Location: Friday 10:30-12:00,
126 Melcher Hall (Unless Otherwise Noted)
Open to the public: no reservation or registration required.\

Date Speaker Topic
January 30 Bob Meyer
University of Miami & University of Pennsylvania
"The Psychology of Consumer Forecasts of Utility for Product Innovations"

February 6 Frenkel Ter Hofstede
UT Austin
"Pricing Strategies for Augmented Products: The Value of Integration and Customization"

February 13 Jim Hess
University of Houston
"How Do You Properly Diagnose Harmful Collinearity in Moderated Regressions?"

February 20 Ajay Kalra
Rice University
"Predictions of Learning Curves"

February 27 Jan Wieseke
University of Mannheim
"Salespeople’s Prejudice Against Their Corporate Headquarters: How Harmful is it and How Can it be Avoided?"

March 6 Eric Fang
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"R&D, Advertising, and Economic Recessions: An Investigation of U.S. Industries Since 1970s"

March 13 Sandy Jap
Emory University
"Electronic and Physical Market Channels: A Multi-Year Investigation in a Market for Products of Uncertain Quality"

March 20 Spring Break
No Talk Scheduled

March 27-28 Doctoral Symposium
No Talk Scheduled

April 2-4 Sales Excellence Institute, University of Houston Conference on Sales and Sales Management
Chairs: Steven P. Brown and Michael J. Ahearne
Conference Program