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Name Position Phone Dept Email Room
Saskya Gagneux Marketing Communications Manager, SEI 713-743-4546 Sales Excellence Institute 365H
Imani Gaines Office Assistant 713-743-4900 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs 262 Melcher Hall
Karina Galvan Financial Aid Advisor 713-743-2062 Graduate & Professional Programs 424M UCBB
Paul Andrew Galvani Lecturer 713-525-9555 Marketing & Entrepreneurship 385
George Gamble Professor - Robert Grinaker Professor, Director of the International Institute for Diversity and Cross Cultural Management 713-743-4824 Accountancy & Taxation 402H UCBB
Xin Gao PhD Student 713-743-4766 Finance 230J
Everette Gardner Professor - Chair of Decision and Information Sciences 713-743-4744 Decision & Information Sciences 290B
Betsy D. Gelb Professor - Larry J. Sachnowitz Professor 713-743-4558 Marketing & Entrepreneurship 385G
Thomas George Professor - C.T. Bauer Professor of Finance 713-743-4762 Finance 230C
Bill Gilmer Director, Institute for Regional Forecasting 713-743-4651 Finance 302M UCBB
Sarah Gnospelius Administrative Director of Bauer Honors Program 713-743-5205 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs 250A
Samuel Goble Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-4933 Accountancy & Taxation 360H
Helen Godfrey Senior Career Development Specialist 832-842-6137 Rockwell Career Center Cemo 214D
Frederick Gonzalez Lecturer Decision & Information Sciences
Deepa Gopal Instructional Assistant 713-743-4586 Decision & Information Sciences 275
Mary Gould Director Registration and Academic Records 713-743-4904 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs 228B
John Green Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-4845 Accountancy & Taxation 380J
Amber Gresko Office Assistant 713-743-4797 Graduate & Professional Programs 424A UCBB
Nichole Grover Development Coordinator 713.743.4812 Dean's Office 320 B Melcher Hall
Ricardo Guerra Assistant Program Manager 713-743-4740 Sales Excellence Institute 365F Melcher Hall
Linda Guerrero Department Business Administrator 713-743-4821 Accountancy & Taxation 370H Melcher Hall
Charles Guez Executive Professor 713-743-4757 Finance 302G UCBB
Terrolyn Gunter Assistant Business Administrator 713-743-1580 Dean's Office 350B
Rebecca Guzman Assistant Business Administrator 713-743-0473 Dean's Office 340B Melcher Hall
Eduardo (Lalo) Guzman Skilled Trades Technician 832-266-6799 Dean's Office 129 CBB