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Name Position Phone Dept Email Room
Anesia Lamont Department Business Administrator 713-743-4778 Finance 220B
Nisan Langberg Associate Professor 713-743-4765 Finance 210E
Natalia Lara Program Manager 1 713-743-0881 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs 262 MH
Chad Larson Assistant Professor 713-743-5988 Accountancy & Taxation 390D MH
Zahir Latheef PhD student 713-743-4663 Management 310K
Joel Le Bon Clinical Professor - Director of Executive Education, Sales Excellence Institute 713-743-4166 Sales Excellence Institute 375K
Johnny Leavins Lecturer 713-743-4696 Accountancy & Taxation
Sungsil Lee PhD Student 713-743-4837 Accountancy & Taxation 380A
Sangwon Lee PhD Student 713-743-4755 Finance 210J
Beu (Eve) Lee PhD Student/Research Assistant 713-743-4837 Accountancy & Taxation 380A
Genny Lee Project Manager 713-743-4906 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs 228A Melcher Hall
Pius Leung Lecturer Finance CBB 300
Fallon Leverson Administrator, Business, Assistant 713-743-0159 Graduate & Professional Programs 424Q UCBB
Calyon Lewis Department Business Administrator 713-743-4670 Management 315B
Mengge Li PhD Student 713-743-4680 Management 310B
Yu Li PhD Student 713-743-4755 Finance 210J
Shulin Liang PhD Student 713-743-4766 Finance 230J
Haijin Lin Associate Professor 713-743-7771 Accountancy & Taxation 390F MH
Ta-Lung Lin Business Development Manager 832-842-6145 Rockwell Career Center 233 Cemo Hall
Martin Lindenberg Lecturer 713-743-4555 Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Alan D. Lish Executive Professor 832-842-4179 Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship 528C UCBB
Rui (Cherry) Liu PhD Student 713-743-4758 Finance 230B
Gerald Lobo Professor - Arthur Andersen Chair in Accounting 713-743-4838 Accountancy & Taxation 380D MH
Megan London Marketing Coordinator 2 713-743-1196 Graduate & Professional Programs UCBB 424C
John C. Lopez Clinical Assistant Professor 713-208-8934 Finance 402E UCBB
Chongyu Lu PhD Student 713-743-4580 Marketing & Entrepreneurship 375M
Tong Lu Associate Professor 713-743-0448 Accountancy & Taxation 380F MH
Connor Lubojacky 713-743-4682 Management
Crystal Lugo Admissions Coordinator 713-743-0355 Graduate & Professional Programs 424B UCBB
Yang Luo PhD Student 713-743-4755 Finance 210J
Herbert (Pete) Lyon Professor - Emeritus 713-743-4555 Marketing & Entrepreneurship
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GEMI Symposium

Reliability and Security Across the Energy Value Chain

March 11


C. Gregory Harper
C. Gregory Harper

President, Gas Pipelines and Processing, Enbridge


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