Certificate in Business Excellence

Earn your Certificate in Business Excellence by completing 18 days of classes over four years in any or all categories (comprehensive management, finance, leadership, marketing, social enterprise, or strategy), and you will receive the following Bauer College alumni benefits:

Example of Certificate in Business Excellence Plan

The following classes would fulfill the requirements for a Certificate in Business Excellence:

Supply Chain Management 12
Leveraging Persuasive Leadership Communications 4
Fundamentals of Change Management 6
Negotiation 8
Financial Management 8
Blue Ocean Strategy 12
Web Analytics 6
Leading Change 16
Strategic Management 40
Managing Human Resources 24
Organizational Problem Solving 8
Total 144

Complete 18 days of classes, with 8 of those days in one subject area, over four years or less to earn a Certificate in Management, Finance, Leadership, Marketing, Social Enterprise, or Strategy, and you’ll receive the following benefits:

*Includes all programs lasting up to seven days.


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