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Accommodations: Stay at the Hilton University of Houston while taking your Executive Education Classes. Walk across the street to the Bauer College of Business to attend your class and after class take the rail to downtown Houston for food and entertainment, or stay on campus to do some rock climbing at the UH fitness center. All Executive Education classes lasting one or more days include complimentary breakfast and lunch.

Women in Leadership

August 10-12, 2017: Explore unique leadership styles, develop personal policies, skills and implementable action plans to increase happiness and decrease stress, and develop a portfolio of negotiation skills that can help you manage conflict and navigate the business landscape. Learn more.

Entrepreneurship in Practice

June 15-16, 2017: This course will help budding entrepreneurs understand the challenges faced when creating and managing a small business start-up. Course material features in business idea creation, business financing and managing business operations through the first year Learn more.

Cybersecurity for the Business Executive

June 26, 2017: Are you concerned with the media reports of increasing data breaches and the potential impact of a cyber incident to your business? If your expertise is in management and not technology, then this is the course for you. Learn more.

Consulting in Practice

July 10-11, 2017: This course will help you understand the nature of consulting. Course material features lessons in the different types of consulting and key takeaways to help you assess the viability of a consulting career. Learn more.

Certificate in Business Excellence

Earn your Certificate in Business Excellence by completing 18 days of classes over four years in any or all categories (comprehensive management, finance, leadership, marketing, social enterprise, or strategy). Learn more.

Bauer Executive Education Partnership Program

Partner with Bauer Executive Education to provide your employees knowledge directly applicable to their needs and goals or provide a valuable customer access to an Executive Education class as added value for your customer relationships. Learn more.


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We offer open enrollment finance programs on the following topics:

Financial Management Module

April 26, 2017: This one-day module covers the basic concepts of financial accounting and management that are essential for the efficient operation of any business. Learn more.

Find the Money, Then Make it Work

July 18-19, 2017: Develop and refine financial strategies for raising capital to successfully acquire and build businesses. Learn more.



We offer open enrollment management programs on the following topics:

Supply Chain Management Strategy

April 27-28, 2017: Course material integrates issues from Marketing, Logistics and Operations Management. By taking a strategic approach, the course will focus on executive decisions involving investments, capabilities, and processes and evolving issues that will impact global supply chains.

Strategic Management

May 8-9, 2017 : The purpose of this workshop is to enhance your capacity to do the job of a general manager, that is, someone who leads a multi-functional group (business, division, profit center, etc.) and is responsible for the strategic performance of that group.

Strategic Management in Oil & Gas

June 5-6, 2017: This workshop focuses on familiarizing managers with the key human resource management decisions in organizations.

Project Interface Management: Focusing on Oil & Gas Mega-Projects

June 10, July 12, 2017 (2nd Monday of each month): The course provides extensive knowledge of Interface Management and how it influences the overall life-cycle of project management on oil, gas & energy mega-projects.

Developing Leader Character: Two-Day Workshop

July 24-25, 2017: This workshop focuses on the element of leadership that has largely been neglected in leadership development: Character. Although character is often thought to be a subjective construct, this workshop argues otherwise.

Executive Seminar: Program and Project Management

July 28, 2017: Faced with increasing competitive pressures, companies are adopting much more flexible strategies and structures to maintain leadership, to speed new products and services to market and to provide “best-in-class” customer satisfaction. Increasingly, the most effective way to deliver on these strategies is through a “project based” organization to drive programs and projects.

PMP® Certification Exam Preparation

August 1-4, 2017: This course is specifically designed to assist project managers and team leaders master the PMBOK® Guide’s content and pass the PMP certification exam.

The Fundamentals of Project Management

August 14-18, 2017: Enroll in this five-day, interactive program to learn and practice solid, proven project management tools and techniques that will build the foundation for improving company and individual performance. All topics presented are consistent with the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK™)



We offer open enrollment marketing programs on the following topics:

Search Engine Optimization:

May 15, 2017: Search engines have changed the way people get information and make purchase decisions. When customers search the web for your product or service, will they see your company in the results? Will they click through to your website?

Search Engine Advertising:

May 16, 2017: Search engines have changed the way people get information and make purchase decisions. When customers search the web for your product or service, will they see your company in the results? Will they click through to your website?

Web Analytics

May 17, 2017: Successful marketing requires a unique blend of art and science. As we move from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and beyond, the wealth of data and information available to marketers has increased exponentially. This course introduces you to web analytics and helps you create a comprehensive strategy for measuring your inbound marketing activities.

Content Marketing

May 17, 2017: Content marketing is the backbone of digital marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of B2B marketers have embraced content marketing over traditional advertising. Content marketing, through its focus on providing timely and relevant information to your target market, fosters better relationships with potential buyers and moves them through the buying process at their own speed.

Social Media Marketing

May 18, 2017: In today’s economy, companies that are behind the curve in social media are putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage. Successful companies need effective and profitable social media strategies. After this course, you will be able to use social media tools and platforms to promote and position your brand.

Blue Ocean Strategy Workshop

May 23-24, 2017: Blue Ocean Strategy takes years of research in dozens of industries and demonstrates how a specific, well-executed strategy can move companies ahead of the competition.



We offer open enrollment sales excellence programs on the following topics:

SLC - Sales Leadership and Management

May 8-12, 2017: Sales Leadership Certification (SLC) is a 5-Day Certification Program, which extensively covers sales managers’ needs, tools leadership skills required to achieve sales teams high performance goals. The program pays the content corporate SEI’s experience, expertise and insights from its global network of corporate sales leaders.


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