Department of Graduate and Professional Programs

Waiver/Transfer Policy for Previously Completed Courses

None of the 48 credits required for the MBA degree may be waived. Transfer hours are also not accepted. In rare cases waivers of a core course may be allowed with substitution of a higher level course in that area (this will not reduce the number of hours required to complete the degree). See a graduate academic advisor for details.

Time Limitation

Students are expected to complete the MBA degree program within five years; typically part-time students will complete the program within three years. UH policy requires that all students complete their master's degree program within seven years; however, the last 36 semester hours must be completed within the five-year period preceding the students' graduation.

Continuous Enrollment

Unless students petition for a leave of absence, they should maintain continuous enrollment during the fall and spring semesters. Students who are out of the program for more than one calendar year will be under the jurisdiction of the catalog in effect at the time of their reentry. Students who fail to maintain continuous enrollment for more than two calendar years must apply for reinstatement to the program through a petitioning process, pay the Bauer College application fee again, submit an updated resume, and meet the admission requirements in effect at that time.

Effective Semester of Admission

Admission is granted only for the Fall semester. If students wish to postpone enrollment, they must secure approval from the MBA office. The first semester in which students, as graduate students, complete graduate-level work that applies toward a degree, is the effective semester of admission.