Graduate and Professional Programs

Executive MBA Program

Executive Coaching

The C. T. Bauer College of Business, in collaboration with Korn/Ferry International, offers in-depth, personalized career development coaching to all Bauer Executive MBA students called Bauer CareerEDGE Executive Coaching. This optional program is included in the Executive MBA program and is designed to give students the skills and tools needed to succeed professionally and in team environments.

Benefits and Outcomes

Bauer Executive MBA students will work one on one with a Korn/Ferry certified coach to develop a personalized program. This includes a combination of feedback from actual colleagues/peers and comprehensive assessment tools. Coaches use this blueprint as a way to individualize the knowledge and skills the students need to succeed professionally.

Guided Career Development

Korn/Ferry will utilize a variety of proven tools to best assess Bauer Executive MBA students and provide individualized coaching. Some of the tools include:


ViaEDGE™ is an online self report that measures one’s learning agility. This tool helps organizations accurately identify high-potential talent. The learning agility data also helps enhance Bauer Executive MBA students’ readiness for future leadership opportunities.

Voices® 360°- Assessment

The Voices® 360°- Assessment tool provides individuals with a comprehensive look into their leadership potential. This is done by gathering and evaluating feedback from a student's business environment to determine their current skill level. Our Korn/Ferry certified coaches then use that data to create a series of tailored coaching sessions designed to enhance the student's professional strengths and abilities.