Department of Graduate and Professional Programs

The MBA Admissions Process

Welcome to the MBA application process. In order to successfully complete your application, you must follow steps one through nine listed below. Each step has a link that gives helpful information you will need to know during the application process so please read carefully. Click on step one to begin the process.

  • 1st Step: Submit your application online at

    Get Started with Step 1! Visit and apply. You can view all of our requirements and connect to the application site at

  • 2nd Step: You will receive your first confirmation email from UH Admissions

    You will receive an automatic email from University of Houston main admission office. You will receive your PSID (PeopleSoft ID). This seven digit number is your student ID, please make sure you know it as it will be used for all UH transactions. The PSID number is also your User ID for the PeopleSoft System where you will handle all student business like check your admission status, check your financial aid, view your bill and grades, pay your bill, and register for classes. If you don’t have your PeopleSoft ID, please visit

  • 3rd Step: You will receive your second confirmation email from your Bauer MBA Admissions representative

    (VERY IMPORTANT) Email comes from our MBA Admissions department confirming we have received your application. This email will have important information regarding your application and admissions processing. It is received within 2 weeks after you have submitted your application online. You will be assigned to your admissions representative and your file will be created.

    Who is your admissions representative–based on your last name?

  • 4th Step: Submit documents

    We STRONGLY recommend that you turn in or submit ALL your required documents together. All applicants should submit their documents online. Transcripts must be original and unopened and mailed. Please click here to have the letter of recommendation sent to your recommender. Once you fill in the required information at the link above (if you do not know your PSID you can leave that blank), your recommender will receive an email from us with the recommendation form. They simply fill in the form and click-submit. View letter of recommendation format here.

    Original transcripts (domestic and international) may be mailed to:
    MBA Admission’s Office
    334 Melcher Hall, room 330
    Houston, TX 77204

  • 5th Step: Check your status online or email your admissions representative

    You can check your application status through your PeopleSoft account at or by emailing your admissions representative.

    1. Your UserID is your PSID number and your password should be your date of birth (mmddyyyy). If you password does not work for any reason please feel free to contact the help desk at 713-743-1411.
    2. You will see a “To do List” containing any documents that are outstanding to complete your application.
    3. If you recently submitted your documents, please allow 10 working days for your documents to be updated in your PeopleSoft account. If your documents have not been updated in your PeopleSoft account after 10 working days, contact your admissions representative and they will be happy to assist you.
    4. You may contact your admission representative for a status update through email only. Please include your full name, PSID and birthday. If you do not have your ID number, please include your full name and date of birth. For security purposes, do NOT include your social security number.
    5. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response to your email. Each applicant is responsible to verify that their application documents have been received by checking their PeopleSoft account or communicating with their admissions representative.

    A reminder email will be sent two weeks before international deadline if your file is incomplete. Another reminder email will be sent two weeks before domestic deadline if your file is incomplete. Once the deadlines have past you will receive an email regarding “admissions has closed”. At that time you will be able to defer your application, if this is your first time applying. You have one year to defer your application without having to reapply.

    (Deadlines) Please remember to send all your supporting documents before the deadlines. We do not accept documents after the deadlines.


    October 1st- International Deadline
    November 1st – Domestic Deadline ONLY


    April 1st – International Deadline
    June 1st – Domestic Deadline ONLY


  • 6th Step: An email is sent once your application is completed.

    Once your application is completed you will receive an email from your admissions representative, notifying you that your file is being reviewed by the admissions committee. Applicants who are selected to continue the admissions process will be sent information requesting to complete an interview. Interviews are by invitation only. Your admissions decision will be sent to you 2-4 weeks after your file is complete.

  • 7th Step: Interviews

    Interviews are required for applicants who have been selected to continue the admission process. Not every applicant is invited for an interview. The interviews are by invitation only

  • 8th Step: Decision emails

    The decision letters are sent to the address listed on your application. It is very important to contact your admissions representative if you have moved since you submitted your application and have an address change. If you do not receive a decision letter after 2-4 weeks of receiving the “File is Completed” email, please contact your admissions representative.

  • 9th Step: If accepted; acceptance email will contain electronic acceptance packet & link to complete final step to ensure admission.

    If you are accepted; you will receive an email that will contain a very important link to the forms you need to complete—the Acceptance & Confirmation form and questionnaire.

    • In order to further process your application, you will need to submit both forms within two weeks after you have received your packet.
    • Two weeks after you your acceptance packet has been sent, you will receive a reminder email regarding the link, if we have not received it. Once you complete the forms online, you will receive a confirmation email from our department.
  • 10th step: You will receive orientation information from our office upon acceptance. Information will be sent out soon.