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Project Requests

In order to track and manage projects, the Office of Communication asks that you use the following guidelines to submit project requests.

  • Ad Approval – Through a partnership with the University Division of Marketing, Communications & Media Relations, the Office of Communications at Bauer serves as the college’s ad approval team. For more information about what ad approval is and what pieces should be submitted, click here. If you are a Bauer faculty, staff member, student or stakeholder with a piece that needs ad approval, email to submit the piece.
  • Web - Click here to submit a web development request using the Bauer Help Desk. Web development requests include changes or updates to existing pages as well as creation of new pages. Once your request is submitted, it will be assigned to an Office of Communication web developer, who will contact you with any questions and update your request through the Bauer Help Desk.
  • E-communications - The web development team in the Office of Communication creates and manages e-communications for the college. E-communications include messages intended for an audience of 100 or more people (alumni, donors, friends, students). The process follows the university's e-communications policies and requires you to submit a request using the Bauer Help Desk. Please be specific in your request and include the intended distribution, content and launch date. When scheduling your email launch, we will keep your target date in mind, but be aware that we must coordinate with the university offices involved in e-communications as well.
  • Graphic Design - Requests include creation of materials (such as fliers, invitations, brochures, pamphlets, etc.), existing material delivery (if supplies are available), and logo approval. Click here to submit a graphic design request using the Bauer Help Desk. Include as much information as possible, including format of the piece, what content exists and what content needs to be created, delivery date, etc. Note that requests should be made as far in advance of your delivery date as possible. Last-minute requests may be denied based on project load, along with the time needed for proofing, official approval and/or printing and mailing. Once your request is submitted, it will be assigned to an Office of Communications graphic designer, who will contact you with any questions and update your request through the Bauer Help Desk. (Note: Prior to Fall 2014, graphic design project requests were required to be submitted via a PDF form. Our office is no longer using this form and is now tracking all design requests through the Bauer Help Desk.)
    • Promotional Items - If your request is for a branded promotional item, like a T-shirt or an item for giveaways please consider using Promoversity to create and order your piece
    • If you need items that have already been created by the Office of Communications, please visit to request these materials.
  • Request a logo
    For faculty, staff and students’ use, the Bauer College logo can be obtained in digital format by contacting the Office of Communications and specifying the intended use for the logo.
    For commercial purposes, or for anyone outside the college who would like to use the Bauer College logo, refer to the UH Graphic Standards Manual for information on logo usage, licensing and trademarks, and Intellectual Property Use.

  • Photography – Requests include formal headshot/portraits to be used for college communication pieces (web, print, video) as well as event photography. Contact Jessica Navarro, director of communication, to request photography services. Photography should be considered at the outset of event planning and as early as possible for communication materials. We require at least two weeks’ notice prior to an event to schedule photography and may not be able to accommodate last-minute requests.  Click here for more information on how to access images from the Office of Communication archive of photos that covers 2007 to present.
  • Videography - Requests include event capture as well as promotional video creation. The complex nature of video creation requires as much pre-planning as possible before a shoot. Because of this, we require an in-person meeting to discuss a video shoot before an event and request at least two months’ notice to book the Office of Communication videographer to film an event. Contact Jessica Navarro, director of communication, to set up a time to meet. The turnaround time for a completed video project will be discussed during the planning meeting and will depend on the scope of the project and videographer workload.
  • Editorial/Media outreach – In addition to visually capturing events and stories, the Office of Communications offers editorial coverage through its team of writers. The content created can be showcased in a number of ways, including online at and in Office of Communications print pieces. The Office of Communications also handles media outreach — if you have a story that warrants press coverage, contact Jessica Navarro, director of communication, and Danielle Ponder, media relations representative, to determine the best strategy.
  • Social media - The Office of Communications administers official social media accounts for the college on Facebook (profile | page), Twitter (@UHBauerCollege), Instagram (@uhbauercollege) and YouTube (channel – UHBauerCollege). We encourage users within the college to send information to Jessica Navarro, director of communication, and Carolyn Shaffer, social media coordinator, via email to share on these established, official pages, rather than creating separate accounts for a particular department/center/office/organization. Our accounts have an established history with users of frequent and relevant updates, along with large numbers of followers and members, and our office has the capacity to keep these accounts current and robust.
  • Digital signage - The Office of Communications maintains content on video monitors throughout all three Bauer buildings and works with the Bauer Division of Technology to keep digital signage up-to-date in both buildings. If you would like to use the video screens to promote a Bauer College event or initiative, contact Jessica Navarro, director of communication, and Amanda Sebesta, communication assistant, via email with your request, including as much information as possible, including the time/date/location of the event and when you would like the slide to run. The Office of Communication will create a slide for you to review before posting. If you are submitting an existing slide, note that it should be a 72 dpi resolution and in a 16x9 .PNG format in order to fit on the screens. Also, changes may be made to submitted slides to correspond with brand and graphic standards. Requests should be made as far in advance of the event or deadline you want to promote in order to allow the Office of Communication to schedule your slide into the digital signage rotation.


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For direct media inquiries and to interview a faculty expert, contact:

Jessica Navarro
Director, Communications

Danielle Ponder
Media Relations Representative

Office of Communications
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University of Houston
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