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Internship Program

Employers can register participation in the Internship Program by completing and returning the Employer Registration Form.


Internship employment provides students with professional work experience in real estate and introduces employers to MBA’s with up to date business skills while supporting their "Practice-based Education."

Benefits of Internships:

Employers - Employers benefit from the work contribution of graduate students and make a meaningful learning experience to the student’s education.

Students - Students benefit from contributing to the employer’s organizational objectives and gain an understanding of real estate operations with on-the-job work experience.

Successful Internships:

Experience has shown that incorporating the following guidelines lead to successful internships:

  • Designating a supervisor who provides guidance and assign tasks that supports the student’s learning experience.
  • Setting learning objectives.
  • Creating specific and measurable outcomes.
  • Challenging students to make meaningful contributions to your organization’s mission.
  • Performance appraisals at the conclusion of the internship.

Matching Process

  1. Employer provides internship job descriptions and skills required.
  2. Resumes of candidate students are submitted to employers for selection to interview.
  3. Agreement is reached between employer and student as to internship employment.
  4. Notification is sent to Graduate Real Estate Program stating employment between employer and student.
Terms of Internship Employment
  • Part-time/full-time: ½ time, 20 hours per week, or full-time, 40 hours per week, or otherwise as agreed by employer and employee.
  • Employment: Interns are employed pursuant to the employer’s HR policies and procedures.
  • Compensation: Set by employer, meets minimum wage requirements and normally range between $15 and $20/hour.



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