Codou Samba

PhD Student

Codou Samba


I am a Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Management. My research interests are focused on strategy process, strategic leadership and governance, and TMT dynamics. My primary research stream is at the intersection of strategic leadership and organizational decision processes. My dissertation is guided by the big picture research question: "In making strategic decisions, do senior managers use their intuition when they actually should?" My theoretical answer is: not always. I am currently collecting data to validate my new measures of intuition and to explore my theory. I hold an M.B.A. from University of Houston, and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Prior to joining the doctoral program, I worked as a Chemical Engineer for five years at Rohm and Haas Company (now Dow Chemical Company).

Research Interests

  • Strategy Process
  • Strategic Leadership and Governance
  • TMT dynamics

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic Management
  • Collective Intuition
  • Meta-analysis

Working Papers

  • Miller CC, Thanos IC, Samba C, and Papadakis VM. Topic: Organizational Outcomes of Decision-Making Processes (full title masked for review). 2nd R&R at Strategic Management Journal.
  • Samba C, Pathak S, and Li M. Topic : Predictors of Ethical Decision Making (full title masked for review). Under review at Business Ethics Quarterly.
  • Samba C, van Knippenberg D, and Miller CC. Strategic Dissent among Senior Managers: An Analysis and Extension of Existing Research (In preparation for submission to Strategic Management Journal).
  • Samba C, Vera DM, and Maldonado T. Toward a Theory of Organizational Resilience: The Assessment- Acceptance-Amendment Model (Working draft. Target: Journal of Management).
  • Samba C. Collective Intuition: Toward a Theory of Intuition in Strategic Decision Making (Working draft. Target: Academy of Management Review).
  • Samba C, Sturm RE and Gooty, J. Moral Person Transgressions in the C-Suite: An Investigation of Observer Reactions (Research in progress. Target: Academy of Management Review).
  • Miller CC, Jones CD, and Samba C. Differences in Opinions and Beliefs among Senior Managers: Towards a Better Understanding of Critical Phenomena (Research in progress. Target: Organizational Research Methods).
  • Academic Associations & Editorial Boards

    • Academy of Management
    • Strategic Management Society
    • Organizational Behavior Teaching Society

    Contact Info

    MH 310K
    No Web Site Currently


    • MANA 3335 - Introduction to management and organizational behavior


    PhD, Business Administration - Emphasis: Strategic Management, University of Houston, 2016 (Expected)
    MBA with Honors, University of Houston, 2013
    BS with Summa cum Laude Honors,Chemical Engineering,The University of Tennessee Knoxville, 2004