Yashar Atefi

PhD Student

Yashar Atefi


Yashar Atefi is pursuing his PhD in Marketing at Bauer College, University of Houston. He is interested in applying empirical modeling techniques to marketing strategy problems. Yashar earned his BS in Industrial Engineering from Iran's top-notch Sharif University of Technology.

Actively involved in market research projects during his undergrad, he also tried the sales world as a part-time salesperson for a major domestic real estate company. After graduation, Yashar joined Iran Khodro, the largest vehicle manufacturer in the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa, where he utilized his analytical skills to answer cost optimization and distribution problems. Most recently he served as project manager for Saba Asanbar, the exlusive agency of KONE elevators in Iran.

Returning to Sharif for an MBA, Yashar devoted his last year of studies to conducting research on marketing issues such as brand attitudes and differentiation, which resulted in conference presentations and a journal publication.

Research Interests

  • Marketing strategy
  • Sales force management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Cross-selling


  • Najmi, Manoocher, Yashar Atefi, & Seyed Alireza Mirbagheri, "Attitude toward Brand: An Integrative Look at Mediators and Moderators," Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (forthcoming)

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BS Industrial Engineering, Sharif University of Technology
MBA, Sharif University of Technology