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Sales Leadership Certification

Unparalleled Opportunity

  • A Sales Leadership Certification from the University of Houston Bauer College SEI
  • A unique Personal Action-Plan and Change Contract based on the Program Follow-Up Webinar and Personalized Coaching Session
  • Cutting-edge sales leadership education rooted into Stephen Stagner SEI award winning faculty and experts’ knowledge and experience which made Stephen Stagner SEI the world's leading university in sales research and education
  • Stephen Stagner SEI faculty have developed a comprehensive benchmarking knowledge base of sales and sales management competencies and best practices to be shared with the program participants so that they can appraise, compare and perfect their sales performance within their own competitive environment
  • An opportunity to network with peers and find solutions for common sales management problems

A Unique Learning Model

Come with a personal sales management case study problem and solve it after the program!

  • The Sales Leadership Certification offers participants a unique opportunity to identify a real sales leadership problem they would like to address and the ability to solve their personal case study after the program through personal coaching sessions
  • This Personal Action-Plan starts with a Change Contract where participants commit to incorporate specific concepts and tools presented during the program into their "at work" routine
  • The Sales Leaders Certification blends a unique value proposition that inspires the best from Sales Managers by equipping them with the right set of skills to lead their sales force's success
  • Key takeaway from The Sales Leadership Certification: A Personalized Action-Plan and Change Contract that empowers you to implement what you learned. This unique Program Follow-Up Webinar and Personalized Coaching Session provide participants the guidance they need to make an impact in their careers and with their teams

This Program is Particularly Suited For

  • High potential salespeople to be promoted Sales Managers
  • Recently promoted Sales Managers
  • Experienced Sales Managers looking for knowledge improvement and cutting-edge sales leadership education

Program Outline

Program Content

Day 1
What is Great Sales Leadership?
  • Your Sales Management Life Today
  • The Sales Leader’s Real Job
  • The Balance: Numbers vs. Relationships
  • Time Management
Day 4
Authentic Leadership
  • 5 Secrets of Authentic Leadership
  • Motivation and Recognition
  • Leading through Influence vs. Authority
  • Thinking Big – Building Growth Strategies
Day 2
Advanced Sales Strategy
  • Understanding your Market
  • How Customers Buy
  • Complex Decision Centers
  • Managing Customer Relationships and Information
Day 5
Putting it to Work at Work
  • My Sales Leader Case Study
  • My Change Contract
  • My Action Plan
  • My Progress Control
Day 3
Powerful Salesperson Relationships
  • Hiring, Training and Developing the Right People
  • Advanced Communication Skills
  • Coaching
  • Performance Management
Program Follow Up
My Personalized Action Plan
  • The Post-Program Webinar
  • My Personal Development Plan
  • My Personalized Coaching Session
  • My Action Plan Results

How We Teach at Stephen Stagner SEI?

  • Small Group not exceeding 20 participants to ensure personal attention and productive interaction
  • Online Pre-Training Assignments
  • Challenging Lectures
  • Video Role Plays
  • Teamwork
  • Workshops
  • Leading Guest Speakers
  • Personal Action-Plan and Change Contract
  • Program Follow-Up Webinar and Personalized Coaching Session
  • Online Post-Training Blog Community


  • The Sales Leadership Certification is offered during the first week of January, the third week of May and the third week of August each year.
  • The session starts on August 8th, 2016 at 8 a.m. and ends on August 12th, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. with networking and lunch breaks. The Friday session ends at 12 p.m. Evenings are dedicated to course preparation, reading, and interacting with program participants either on, or off campus.
  • Tuition fee: $5,495 for the five day program. Early bird registration prior to December 21, 2015: $4,995. (Billed after acceptance and must be settled before the program begins). The tuition fee covers lectures, teaching materials, the Program Follow-Up Webinar and a Personalized Coaching Session, breaks refreshments, breakfast and lunch on working days and the graduation dinner Thursday evening. Accommodation is not included in the tuition fee. For participants’ convenience hotel rooms can be reserved by Stephen Stagner SEI at the Hilton University of Houston which is located on campus.
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