Academic Probation

Academic Probation occurs when a student’s cumulative GPA at UH falls below a 2.0. Until the cumulative UH GPA is 2.00 or higher a student will remain on probation. It is critical that after going on probation a student realistically asses the obstacles to academic success, utilize the information provided below to get off probation in a timely fashion, and thereby avoid possible suspension from the university.

Note: The policies listed below are policies which apply to students who are currently listed as Pre-Bus majors. Non-business students on probation should also consult the department of their current major for their policies and procedures. Non-business majors should also familiarize themselves with the requirements to change their major to business.

Academic Probation Policies

  • While on probation students are not allowed to take 3000 or 4000 level Business classes.
  • While on probation students must earn a minimum of a 2.00 UH semester GPA until their cumulative UH GPA is at least a 2.00. Students on probation, who earn less than a 2.00 semester GPA, will be placed on Academic Suspension .
  • Bauer students on academic probation are expected to achieve a minimum 2.50 cumulative UH GPA by the time they reach 45 hours of college credit.   Students who are not able to achieve a minimum 2.50 overall UH GPA by that point may not be able to continue  in the BBA program  and may have to either change their major or transfer to another university.


  • Students on probation are required to get academic advising each semester until their overall UH GPA is at least 2.50 and a degree plan has been successfully filed. Students should schedule an appointment through your myUH account to meet with their pre-business advisor.
  • Students are required to seek assistance from Learning Support Services until the overall UH GPA of at least 2.50 has been achieved.  (The following link for assistance in determining what grades you will need to make to achieve your target GPA.

Scholastic Support Available

  • Students may also seek tutorial assistance for MIS 3300 through Bauer Tutoring Services. Students on Academic Probation are prevented from enrolling in other 3000 level business courses.
  • Review the Academic Regulations Enrollment Page, available at the UH Academic Catalog.