The Business Minor: A Major Asset

A business minor in the Bauer College of Business could be a major asset – Check out the possibilities!

New Business and Interdisciplinary Minors available beginning Fall 2013

Business Foundations (for non-business majors)

Requirements: A 2.0 cumulative GPA at UH and junior standing.

The Business Foundations minor is designed to provide non-business majors with the foundation of business in accounting and computer literacy, and course selections relating to personal finance, professional selling and entrepreneurship with an overview of business, from a small business and a corporate perspective, to international business and globalization. In GENB 3301, students will learn how to leverage a non-business major in a business environment. This minor will replace the Global Business minor and the International Area Studies minor.


Minors in specific business areas

A 3.0 GPA on the last 60 hours is require unless otherwise noted

Minors for Business
and Non-Business Majors

Minor only for Non-Business Majors

Business Administration


Business Foundations





Management Information Systems (MIS)




Personal Financial Planning


Risk Management and Insurance


Sales (requires admission via interview)


Supply Chain Management


Human Resource Management


A minor is not required for business majors.

In order to enroll in upper-level business courses in the Bauer College (with the exception of Business Foundations minor requirements), students must be a declared business major or minor, or be in a business related program.


Request to Declare Business Minor

Questions? Email bba@uh.edu or bauerhonors@uh.edu (Honors College students)