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Robert Bregman


Dr. Robert Bregman is an associate professor in the Decision and Information Sciences (DISC) department in the College of Business Administration at the University of Houston. He joined the faculty at the University of Houston in the fall of 1993 after previously teaching at both Texas A&M and Ohio State. He has a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Lafayette College and M.B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in business from Ohio State where he majored in Operations Management and minored in Logistics Management. Before attending Ohio State he held several engineering positions in industry and managed a variety of industrial construction projects from the late 1970s to the mid 1980s.

Professor Bregman has published in a variety of academic journals including the Journal of the Operational Research Society, Omega, the Journal of Operations Management, the European Journal of Operational Research, the International Journal of Production Economics, Computers in Industry, the Journal of Business Logistics, and the Production and Inventory Management Journal. His primary areas of research include materials management, purchasing, logistics, project management, and the development of cross-functional business solutions.

Recent Publications

  • A Value Chain Analysis of the China Price. (2012) Production and Inventory Management Journal, forthcoming.
  • An Electronic Framework to Enhance Conceptual Learning. (2011) International Journal of Information and Operations Management Education, 4: 134-145.
  • "Eating Your Own Dog Food" - Applying Course Concepts in Your Teaching. (2012) International Journal of Innovation and Learning, forthcoming.
  • Managing Project Task Time Uncertainty With Probabilistic Buffers. (2011) International Journal of Advanced Operations Management, 3: 40-65
  • Measuring and Motivating Student Effort in an Online Version of the Core Class in Operations Management. (2011) International Journal of Innovation and Learning, forthcoming.
  • Dynamically Allocating Expediting Funds in Projects With Schedule Uncertainty. (2009) European Journal of Industrial Engineering, 3: 363-376.
  • Preemptive Expediting to Improve Project Due Date Performance. (2009) Journal of the Operational Research Society, 60: 120-129.
  • A Heuristic Procedure for Solving the Dynamic Probabilistic Project Expediting Problem. (2009) European Journal of Operational Research, 192: 125-137.

Research Interests

  • Materials Management
  • Purchasing
  • Logistics
  • Project Management
  • Development of Cross-Functional Business Solutions

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