Bauer Student Earns $10K Scholarship From Texas Business Hall of Fame

Entrepreneurship Junior Noor Daoudi Recognized for Startup Passion

Published on July 17, 2014

Noor Daoudi, Entrepreneurship Junior

Noor Daoudi, Entrepreneurship Junior

A student from the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston was recently honored with a $10,000 scholarship from the Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation and recognized as one of the state’s strongest future entrepreneurial leaders.

The organization selected entrepreneurship junior Noor Daoudi for one of its annual scholarships in May after a lengthy application and interview process. The foundation awards one scholarship per university each year to graduate and undergraduate students from 21 participating Texas universities for their achievements in and out of the classroom.

In addition to participating in Bauer College’s Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, Daoudi has entrepreneurship experience as a co-founder of her family’s business Xtreme Lashes, an eyelash extension company.

Involvement in the local business community and entrepreneurial preparation from WCE were no doubt major factors in the decision to award Daoudi the scholarship, which the Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation sees as an investment into each recipient, who should serve as a representative of the organization.

"[TBHF] saw in me that I was part of the Houston business community. I am a Houston native and have stayed here as part of a startup that supported the community," Daoudi said. "They saw that throughout my whole life, I have been involved with entrepreneurial ventures in Houston."

Bauer’s entrepreneurship program has helped to further Daoudi’s innate entrepreneurial passion, she said.

“The program has built upon my passion for innovative entrepreneurship and business experiences, and given me a larger toolkit,” she added. “A WCE student gains financial knowledge, is taught how to hold their own in negotiations with other entities and learns how to monetize their value and raise capital.”