Majors and Minors

Learn the business of tomorrow, today.

Learn the fundamentals of business, specialize your skills, and prepare yourself to be an asset and a leader in any business. 7 majors, 11 minors, 1 bright future.

Pre-business and business majors can declare or modify their business major or minor. Non-business majors can request a change of major to business or can declare a business minor.

Business majors wanting a business minor do so when they declare their major or any time afterwards.

Non-business majors wanting a business minor are advised to wait to file for a business minor until completing 60 hours or more hours unless the prerequisite for a business course requires a minor to be declared, such as ACCT 2301 and ACCT 2302 or certain upper-level business courses, in which case, a student may file earlier.



Tailor and expand your growing skills with a business-based specialization with these 11 minors.

Requirements: All business minors require a 3.25 or above GPA, except for Entrepreneurship (which requires a 2.0 or above UH GPA) and the Sales minor (which requires a selection process as part of MARK 3337). The calculation of the GPA includes any attempted transfer courses; students with more than 60 semester hours of college credit must meet the same criteria, but the calculation of the GPA is based on the last 60 hours, and if the 60th hour occurs in the middle of a term, all grades for that term are included in the calculation). Students should consult the Academic Regulations for minors, including grade point average, advanced hours, and residency, on the requirements for minors.