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Our world-class faculty uses the latest research and practical experience to create a dynamic learning experience for executives.

We also offer highly customized programs for companies wanting to create effective leaders in their organizations. The C. T. Bauer College of Business Executive Development Program uses your mission and vision to develop programs designed to meet the needs and objectives of your executive development program. The goal of these programs is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful leaders in their industry. We work with you to define your educational objectives, then find the right faculty — starting with those in the Bauer College's academic departments — to develop and deliver programs that broaden the perspective and strengthen the skills necessary to compete in today's and tomorrow's business markets.

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Get in touch with us to learn how we can create a custom program for your business or organization.

Cheryl Baldwin, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Executive Development: 713-743-8984
Shanice Smith, Program Director I, Custom Programs: 713-743-9791

Custom Course Catalog

Bauer can work with you to develop a program for your organization.

  • First, we will meet with you to discuss specific learning objectives and identify the levels of the organization leadership that will need to be involved.
  • Second, the faculty chosen for each class will work with you collaboratively to develop class content.
  • Finally, as classes are conducted, feedback is solicited from the participants. This feedback is used in providing follow up instruction and revisions to class content.
  • Our programs are not pre-developed. We customize programs specific to your industry, your individual company, and your concerns.
  • Our faculty have an unparalleled commitment to gaining an intimate understanding of the vision, culture, and capabilities of your company with input from your executives. We will collaborate and discuss your objectives to develop a high-impact program to identify the unique challenges your organization faces, and design a course that offers innovative, strategic solutions that give your company the competitive advantage.
  • You will choose the subject matter, class content, length of classes and location for the delivery program. The faculty leading your custom program are experts and leaders in their field who will incorporate your organization's mission, vision, strategy, and tactics into engaging class lectures and discussions.
  • Your participants will emerge equipped with the skills to leverage their knowledge into strategies for your company to attain a new level of success.


Here is a program developed by Bauer Faculty and Katoen Natie University to deliver impact, benefits and value to the participants of the Management in Business Excellence (MBE) program:


Whether you are implementing a new business model, want to redefine the future of your organization, or desire to fully develop your talent, Executive Development at the Bauer College of Business can help your organization become more agile and adaptive. The Bauer Model collaborates with your organization, using your mission and vision to develop the results driven, custom programs that align with your values to transform your leaders. Our intensive, focused, custom courses will allow your organization to explore in-depth the topics that matter the most to you and help you refresh and realign your corporate focus.


Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

Houston Airport System

Critical Issues: The airport needed internal training for front line managers. | Program Results


Critical Issues: Tenaris wanted to ensure that the learning objectives were concrete and would create a lasting learning experience for their employees. | Program Results

Katoen Natie

Critical Issues: Katoen Natie is a supply chain company who had experienced rapid growth in the new economy, and had both hired on and internally promoted managers from within the company. Their managers had various levels of management and leadership education and experience. They wanted to create a university to standardize the training of all their managers. | Program Results


Critical Issues: AOI, Inc. is an internet infrastructure provider. Their CEO recognized that most of the managers were research Ph.D.’s and engineers. They needed to provide a comprehensive business education to their key managers. | Program Results

Buckeye Partners, L.P.

Critical Issues: Buckeye Partners, L.P. is a pipeline and oil storage company who wanted to give their key executives more of an education in financial management. | Program Results


Critical Issues: Executives from HP Inc. wanted to build an Educational Enrichment Program (EEP) for their employees to help facilitate organizational learning, primarily centered around competitive strategy and the management of change, since the company is attempting to “reinvent” itself. | Program Results


Critical Issues: The executives at Insperity were looking for a customized program that would train their leading business development associates in a wide range of business disciplines to create a well-rounded business professional. | Program Results


Critical Issues: The executives at Sinopec wanted to understand how leading companies around the world developed innovative processes and mindsets. | Program Results

Accommodations: Stay at the Hilton University of Houston while taking your Executive Development Classes. Walk across the street to the Bauer College of Business to attend your class and after class take the rail to downtown Houston for food and entertainment, or stay on campus to do some rock climbing at the UH fitness center. All Executive Development classes lasting one or more days include complimentary breakfast and lunch.