About the Department


Our faculty includes tenure-track faculty whose research is published in top journals in finance and other areas of business management, as well as instructional faculty, senior executives from the finance, energy industry, and real estate industries. Students benefit from being exposed to the latest knowledge, which allows to develop solid foundations with the help of our tenure-track faculty, and students benefit from the industry knowledge and experience of our non-tenure-track faculty in our more industry-specific courses.


Our faculty are active researchers, working on a variety of topics in finance and related disciplines. This research is presented at the best conferences and published in the top journals in finance and other areas of business management. For details please visit the individual faculty pages. For a list of recent publications, click here.


Scholars from other universities present their current research in our weekly research seminar. For details, click here.


We offer a variety of courses in our Undergraduate Program. Finance is the among most popular business majors. We offer a variety of certificates and tracks in specialized areas of finance (see below for more details). For more information, click here.


We offer a large number of electives in the Full-time MBA Program and the Professional MBA Program, including electives on a variety of finance topics as well as electives in energy finance or real estate. These electives are also organized in Certificates that help you concentrate in specific areas (see below for more details). The flexible structure of the Bauer MBA allows you to build a curriculum that suits your needs, making the best use of the broad range of electives that we offer.

MS Finance

Our MS Finance Program lets you focus on acquiring and developing knowledge, skills and tools in finance and related areas. You can choose from a broad list of electives, focusing on different areas of finance (corporate finance, investments, etc.) or on energy finance or real estate. Our MS Finance Program is an approved CFA University Affiliation Program, and it is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) certified program (from September 1, 2019). For more information, click here.


The Ph.D. Program in Finance at Bauer is designed to provide students with the necessary skills to carry out high quality research and teaching in finance. For more information, click here.


Our faculty teach several core classes and a large number of electives.
Course information for MBA and MS Finance students.
Course information for undergraduate students.

Graduate Certificates

Certificates in the MBA and MSF program are organized around courses that give you a solid foundation in a specific area, such as corporate finance, investment management, energy risk management, and real estate. They help you build a useful curriculum and describe your interests and knowledge to employers.

Undergraduate Certificates

Certificates in the undergraduate program are also organized around specialized industries and knowledge areas. The Department offers certificates in energy, real estate, commercial banking, risk management and insurance, and personal financial planning.

Experiential Learning

The main experiential learning opportunity for MBA and MS Finance students is the student-managed Cougar Investment Fund, a multi-million dollar private investment fund that manages real funds provided by outside investors. Being a member of the fund management team requires that you take the courses listed in the Financial Services Management Certificate. Fund students develop valuable skills in analyzing and valuing companies, in constructing and maintaining an investment portfolio, in working as teams, and in communicating with supervisors and investors. Joining the Cougar Investment Fund gives students a great preparation for any finance career, be it on the investments side or in corporate finance roles. The Department also offers courses in investment management, led by industry professionals, which allow students to learn how to construct and manage portfolios in realistic settings.


Graduates of our Undergraduate Program who want to deepen and broaden their finance knowledge and skills should visit the pages of our MS Finance Program, to find out how the requirements are adjusted for UH Bauer Graduates.
Current students in our Undergraduate Program and recent graduates can benefit from the Integrated BBA-MSF program.
Alumni of our MBA Program can also benefit from adjusted requirements when registering for our MS Finance Program.

Faculty Jobs

If you are interested in becoming a tenure-track faculty member of an instructional faculty member in our department, please click here for more information.


Several Centers and Initiatives support our faculty and students, focusing on different areas and topics.