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Stephen Stagner Sales Excellence Institutes Launches Week-long Sales Program with Universidad del Desarollo

Published on July 17, 2023

The C. T. Bauer College of Business will launch a new week-long sales leadership training program for top Latin American graduate students and sales professionals starting in 2024, expanding its global reach.

An agreement between the Bauer College Stephen Stagner Sales Excellence Institute (SEI) and the Universidad del Desarollo (UDD), announced recently, connects Bauer’s top-ranked sales researchers and faculty with select MBA students from UDD, a leading private university in Chile. The course is also open to UDD graduates and sales professionals from corporate UDD supporters, with the first cohort scheduled to start early 2024.

“Bauer College has launched more than 40 of these types of global partnerships around the world, and it reflects the true global mindset that we instill in all of our students, as per our 2020-25 Strategic Plan,” said Dean and Cullen Distinguished Chair Professor Paul A. Pavlou. “Bauer has the #1 sales program in the country, possibly even the best in the world, and we will share the expertise of our faculty within a week-long course of study. This leading, highly experiential program trains students how to be effective, professional, and ethical salespeople, from Day 1.”

Administrators and faculty at the two schools have been collaborating on the program’s creation for three years. Matias Lira, Dean of the UDD Business and Economics School, said MBA students and others have been asking for a sales-focused program.

The Bauer College practice-based curriculum is a good match for the ambitious students who will make the trip in January, said UDD Professor Jorge Bullemore.

“We look forward to many years of a successful partnership. This program is not just going to class, it’s designed to be applicable for the work students are doing now, for making things happen in the professional world. At the same time, the curriculum relies on a scientific approach,” Bullemore said.

Carl Herman, Director of Executive Education for SEI, described the program as brief, but intense.

“Students are going to work hard,” he said. “The faculty will be a mix of two of the world’s leading academic sales researchers and four former senior executives and sales leaders from the corporate world.”