Division of Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Lab Computers


Specific Software


Logging In

Windows XP

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to see the login screen. Enter your username and password into the correct fields and hit OK. Note** The Domain field should have Bauer Lab entered in it.

If you have misplaced your username or password, it can be obtained at the front desk by presenting your picture ID and fee bill..

Logging Out

Windows XP

After you have finished working with the station, close all open applications. Then, go to Start Shutdown, select "Close all programs and logon as a different user" and click OK. Please make sure that the Login screen appears after you have logged off.

Account Validity

The account username and password can be used to sign on to machines in the Lab 272, Lab 131.

Print Credits

Every student has a limit of 300 print credits each semester. Every color printout costs 3 credits. Additional print credits can be purchased from Room 350 (Dean's Office) at $5 for 50 pages. Bring the receipt to the front desk and a Lab Assistant will take care of the rest. Student organizations will receive the same amount of credits as individual students.

Printing on Both Sides

First go to File then to Print (Select printer name: AGENT SMITH)

select print window

Then click on Properties and then make sure the Print on Both Sides box is checked

print on both sides

Then click on OK twice to print

How to print from Apple iMac.

Go to file and click on print.


Pick the printer, set page and copies on this screen. Then click print.


After clicking print button, this screen will show up.


Use backspace to delete name, enter Bauerlab\ your USERNAME and your password then click ok to print.


Available Applications

  • Minitab 14
  • PeachTree Complete Accounting 2006
  • Spybot SD 1.3
  • Winzip 11.0
  • Adobe Reader 7.0
  • Office 2003
    • PowerPoint
    • Access
    • Outlook
    • Word
    • Excel
  • Stat Tools
  • Textpad v4.7
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003
  • Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0
  • .NET Framework SDK v1.1
  • MSDN Library for Visual Studio .NET
  • Java 2 Runtime Environment SE v1.4.2
  • Java 2 SDK SE v1.4.2
  • QuickTime 6
  • Second Life
  • Financial Accounting Reserach System (FARS)
  • Symantec Client Security
  • Operating System: Windows XP SP2
  • Oracle Machines (IBM Lab 131):- Oracle 9i Developer Suite - Visio 2003