Bauer Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

The Bauer Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (Bauer Code) is designed to reflect the values held by the C. T. Bauer College of Business faculty and students. Just as professionals in medicine, law, and accounting operate within ethical principals designed to maintain a high standard of behavior within each profession, business professionals also should be guided by a set of principles specific to the business community consisting of managers, executives, and business employees. Therefore, the Bauer Code reflects principles we believe should govern a student’s behavior while a Bauer College major. Most of these principles are also found as guides for behavior under the UH Student Handbook.

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Ultimately, Bauer’s reputation depends on the actions of its students and graduates. It is our hope that each Bauer College graduate applies these principles within his or her professional and personal lives both during and after college. Finally, it is expected that all Bauer College students (undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students) adhere to the principles contained within both the Bauer Code, as well as the UH Student Handbook.

This presentation includes both a discussion of the Bauer Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, as well as imbedded examples to facilitate your understanding of the Bauer Code principles.

All undergraduate business students must watch the online presentation and provide his/her attestation by completing the Bauer Code of Ethics Assessment within GENB 3302 in Canvas.

If you are a graduate or Ph.D. student, you will be instructed on how to complete your attestation during your new student orientation meeting.