The Sustainable Energy Development Program, from UH Energy

Why This Program?

The world is changing faster than at any time in history – especially in the world of energy. Society today has 3 fundamental expectations for our energy future: It must be affordable, accessible & reliable, and environmentally responsible. These requirements make up the Energy Trilemma. Advancing solutions that simultaneously satisfy all elements of this trilemma are the foundation and essence of Sustainable Energy Development.

To meet this challenge, and in response to the needs identified by key leaders in energy, UH Energy developed the Sustainable Energy Development Program in 2020. It is an interactive online program, to equip you – the rising energy professional – with skills, knowledge and expertise to tackle the Energy Trilemma.

The New Asynchronous Sustainable Energy Development Energy Value Chain Bronze Badge

UH Energy is pleased to announce the new asynchronous version of the Sustainable Energy Development Energy Value Chain Bronze Badge. We are offering this unique introductory program in collaboration with the Bauer College of Business. This program provides a high-level perspective on both today’s energy value chain and the evolving energy transition. The program is available online, and you have up to 6 weeks to complete 8 study modules, at your own pace and on your own schedule. Weekly “office hours” are available for real-time discussion of the course materials and questions. Program topics include energy measurements, energy transition, energy efficiency, electricity generation, recycling, industrial energy use, transportation fuels, transnational comparisons, public policy, and government incentives.

For more information, visit the program webpage.