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Bauer Custom Executive Program

Katoen Natie

Situation: Katoen Natie is a supply chain company who had experienced rapid growth in the new economy, and had both hired on and internally promoted managers from within the company. Their managers had various levels of management and leadership education and experience. They wanted to create a university to standardize the training of all their managers.

Vision: The Bauer Executive Development department met with the senior executives at Katoen Natie to clarify the objectives of the program. Bauer faculty worked to create a program and an assessment process that would produce well-rounded leaders for their management team.


Katoen Natie
  • Celebration event with Katoen Natie and University of Houston's C. T. Bauer College of Business
  • Leading High Performance Teams
  • Leading Change - Part 1
  • Leading Change - Part 2
  • Organizational Problem Solving
  • Management Application - Professor Facilitated Discussion
  • Leadership Development - Part 1
  • Leadership Development - Part 2
  • Understanding the Psychology of Employees
  • Financial Management for Non Financial Managers
  • Management Application - Professor Facilitated Discussion
  • Developing Leader Character - Part 1
  • Developing Leader Character - Part 2
  • Blue Ocean Strategy - Part 1
  • Blue Ocean Strategy - Part 2
  • Management Application - Professor Facilitated Discussion
  • Graduation Ceremony