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Bauer Division of Technology provides Bauer faculty and staff with solutions to their computer-related requests. Open from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, Bauer Division of Technology will attempt to resolve your logged service request within 24 hours. In order to efficiently assist you, you may call the Help Desk at 713-743-4871 or submit an online request at Bauer Help Desk providing us with a detailed description of the problem or computing needs (ex. hardware, software, network, classroom installations). This will allow us to properly assist you and assign the call to the appropriate technician to properly research and diagnose the problem based upon our Priority Levels of Support

*If you are a Student, please contact the Help Desk at (713) 743-4871.


Bauer Division of Technology currently works with University Information Systems & Technology to provide C. T. Bauer with the optimal operating systems and network connections. We provide assistance with TSM/ADSM backup service, Outlook configuration (departmental calendars, folders and address books), submission to TSM for data port installations/activations, and BauerNet LAN account requests for all faculty and staff.

To request a BauerNet LAN account, go to http://www.bauer.uh.edu/technology/support/bauer_net.asp and complete and return the form to Bauer Division of Technology, Suite 102.

* Requests must have approval from department head or director.


We provide and assist with the maintenance, repair, and replacement of defective parts on U of H computers, monitors, laptops and printers.

*If you have questions about what electronic items are supported please call 3-4871.


We make certain that installations of server-based software and specialized software are properly installed and maintained. (Software copyright and licensing policies will be adhered to.) This support extends to ensuring that applications are executable and that appropriate files are accessible.

For a complete list of supported software please see the following: http://www.bauer.uh.edu/technology/support

*If you have questions of what software is supported by Bauer Division of Technology please call 3-4871.

Classroom Installations: Deadlines

We provide software installations to all Melcher Hall classrooms by request and licensing approval. In order to ensure that we have adequate time for testing of software, we strongly advise all faculty members who wish to have software installed in the MH classroom(s) or Bauer Division of Technology Lab(s) to submit their request by the following dates:

  • Fall - last week of July
  • Spring - last week of October
  • Summer - last week of April

Priority Levels of Support

Support requests will be handled in the following priority:

  • Problems affecting the entire building.
  • Problems affecting an entire server.
  • Problems affecting an entire department.
  • Problems affecting multiple machines.
  • Server installations of Software and Hardware.
  • Server upgrades of Software and Hardware.
  • Workstation installations.
  • Workstation upgrades.
  • Installation of or upgrades of drivers to support hardware.

Not Supported by Bauer Division of Technology

While we will do our best to provide support for most requests, there are a few areas that Bauer Division of Technology will need to direct you to an alternate support area:

  • Personally-owned computer equipment or any equipment not inventoried in the college
    Phones, fax or copy machines
  • Printer/Fax toner or ink cartridges are not provided
  • Bauer Division of Technology does not provide support for furniture moves or storage removal. *Please contact Physical Plant at FIXIT (3-4948) or visit http://www.uh.edu/plantops/emanual/forms/
  • Bauer Division of Technology does not support inventory removal. *Please contact Property Management at 3-8759 or visit http://www.uh.edu/finance/pages/PM_Website.htm

Help Desk Service

The Help Desk will provide a single point of contact for all users to direct questions and report technical problems. The Help Desk will attempt to resolve the issue or will enter your help request to our Bauer Help Desk and distribute the call to the appropriate staff/technician. Your problem will then be given a case number that will enable you to quickly check the status and provide updates to the outstanding request. The Help Desk provides support from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Bauer Division of Technology Labs

Bauer Lab Assistants are on duty in the Bauer Division of Technology (BDT) Lab located in Melcher Hall, room 272A. They may be contacted via phone at, 713-743-9904. Bauer Lab Assistants assist Bauer students to create Bauer Lab accounts and print credits.

The Bauer Division of Technology Lab hours are as follows:

Fall/Spring Semesters**: Monday thru Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm*
Summer Semester**: Monday thru Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm*

*Lab closure is based per user attendance and any UH emergencies that may arise – for our students safety.
**Closed dates will be announced and posted in advance by each Lab.

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