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Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

The Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship is a major that has the intention of empowering students' lives both professionally and personally. WCE is a nationally ranked, competitive program that tests and develops students through world class instructions inside the class room and over 30 programs outside the class room. The courses are listed below, and the experiences are constantly changing in order to create the most robust development possible. Students have multiple mentors, work in developing and marketing real products on Amazon, work with Intellectual Property from the University of Houston Research Group, and operate real retail businesses. These simulations are all designed to create a confidence and opportunities for students to find their passions, understand their dreams and create the best future possible.

Prerequisites for the Entrepreneurship Major:

  • University of Houston - Undergraduate Student
  • Must have completed a total of at least 60 hours
  • Complete ENTR 3310 with a C or better
  • Recommended classes: ACCT 2331, ACCT 2332, MARK 3336, and FINA3332

The BBA in Entrepreneurship is a lockstep program comprised of 9 custom-designed courses that cover four semesters; students begin with an introduction to Entrepreneurship (ENTR 3310) and apply for program admission during the fall semester. A total of 30-40 students are admitted each year via a rigorous application and selection process.

Course #
Course Name
Prerequisite Required
First Semester
ENTR 3310 Entrepreneurship University of Houston Student
Second Semester (WCE)
ENTR 4320 Entrepreneurial Revenues ENTR 3310 and approval
ENTR 4330 Entrepreneurial Costs & Budgets ENTR 3310 and approval
ENTR 4310 Entrepreneurial Values & Leadership - Purpose ENTR 3310 and approval
Third Semester (WCE)
ENTR 4340 Entrepreneurial Capital ENTR 3310 and approval
ENTR 4350 Entrepreneurial Strategy ENTR 3310 and approval
ENTR 4310 Entrepreneurial Values & Leadership - Leadership ENTR 3310 and approval
Fourth Semester (WCE)
ENTR 4360 Business Plan & Implementation ENTR 3310 and approval
ENTR 4310 Entrepreneurial Values & Leadership - Launch ENTR 3310 and approval



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