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Affiliated Programs

Affiliated Programs

The University of Houston works with various non-profit, learning abroad organizations that assist students with enrolling in courses at host universities, acquiring accommodations, and ensuring that grades transfer back to UH. The UH Learning Abroad Office charges a $100 fee for participation on an affiliated program – students pay tuition, housing, and other fees directly to the affiliated program provider.

Popular Affiliated Programs and courses that have been previously approved for Bauer undergraduate students:

  • Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain with ISA Studies Abroad
    • Intro to Global Business
    • Global Environment of Business
    • Social Media Marketing
  • Shanghai University in Shanghai, China with USAC
    • Elements of Marketing Administration
    • International Management
    • International Finance
  • Semester at Sea
    • Leadership Development
    • Services Marketing
    • Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

Please see the UH Learning Abroad website for more information about Affiliated Programs.