The program is planned for 2025.

Winner of the Outstanding Learning Abroad Program Award!!

This trip is designed to allow students to learn about Global Expansion of business especially in Asia: the opportunities, the challenges, the problems, the solutions and experiencing the Indian culture.

The program is open to senior undergraduate students and graduate students.

Cities we are visiting ...

  • Dubai - May 27-28
  • Delhi - May 29-31
  • Agra - June 1
  • Pune - June 2-3
  • Mumbai - June 4-6
  • Houston - June 7

This is a "Once in a Lifetime Opportunity"

Top 10 Reasons:

  • Visit with Indian government officials.(The 2004 trip met the President of India!)
  • Live like royalty and stay overnight at ancient historical palaces. (see accommodation information )
  • Take credit courses outside of the conventional classroom.
  • Participate in site visits at many of India 's biggest corporate companies.
  • Participate in site visits at U.S. businesses operating in India.
  • Meet valuable international contacts and the opportunity to make lasting impressions. (Paul Watson from the 2004 trip met his KPMG contact in India and is now working for KPMG in Shanghai, Brian Frazier from the 2006 trip is now working for Ujjivan in Bangalore )
  • Experience a new culture with foods, music, language, and historical landmarks with a business and educational twist.
  • Gain valuable leadership skills, enhance awareness of the global business environment with your peers.
  • Add India to one of the best stories you have about college life!!

What students have said about previous trips:

Here is what students from the 2010 trip had to say:

"India is Incredible, and the way the learning abroad was organized allowed us to see the whole spectrum. From the Presidential Palace and Parliament, to the slums of Dharavi. From the Qutb Minar, built in the late twelfth to early thirteenth century to the thoroughly modern design of the Infosys Building." - Audrey Buth

"This is a Tier 1 program for a Tier 1 University" - Andrew Cobos

"We were able to visit multiple cities throughout India, and earned course credit while doing so. We stayed in luxurious hotels and met with top notch companies such as Tata Motors, Reliance, Godrej, Advinus Therapeutics, Infosys, Google, and Microsoft just to name a few. We also visited government entities such as Indian Parliament, Presidential Palace, and the Federal Reserve Bank of India. In one simple word this trip was amazing!" - Amanda Calles

"If I had the opportunity to do it again, I would not hesitate. India is very exciting and culturally rich, and definitely an experience I will never forget." Andrew Keller

"The India trip was a wonderful and fascinating experience. Through the trip I expanded my horizons, and got to learn about India's thriving economy from many of it's leaders." - Ben Rose

"There are few academic courses that claim to be truly transformative. – the India trip is transformative." - Chris Chow

"The India trip was an experience of a life time. I was skeptical when I first applied for the program because I knew NOTHING about India, but it turned out to be the best decision of my life." - Java Nguyen

More testimonials:

"Summer 2004 proved to be a most exciting adventure. Through scholarships and financial aid, I was able to initiate my desires to research globalization/development issues in Asia. Additionally, I gained credit towards my degree, made incredible business contacts and witnessed the wealth of cultural nuances seen throughout India. From visiting Ernst & Young offices in Mumbai to bartering for goods in the streets, my Indian experience presented an eclectic mix of business, culture, and landscape. In fact, the wealth of opportunities offered has ensured my intentions of returning for the Summer 2006 trip." Paul Watson

Click here for highlights of 2006 and 2008 trips.

Contact Us

Dr. Saleha Khumawala
Faculty Coordinator
Phone: (713) 743-4829
Dr. Nikhil Celly
Instructional Assistant Professor
Phone: (713) 743-7114
Dr. Basheer Khumawala
(713) 743-4721

For more information and question please contact your academic advisor.

Tentative itinerary

  • Dubai
  • New Delhi
  • Agra
  • Mumbai (Bombay)
  • Pune