Other Career Opportunities

Other marketing career opportunities include the following:

  • Product (or brand) management. The position of product manager or brand manager is usually found in large companies that market a variety of consumer products. The product manager has marketing responsibility for a particular product or group of products, and makes decisions about competitive positioning, product packaging, product modifications, new product development, pricing, distribution, advertising and promotions.
  • Marketing consulting. Marketing consultants are hired by companies to evaluate marketing programs and recommend improvements. Consulting can be done by large firms that provide a wide variety to services, by smaller firms that provide a variety of services, by smaller firms that specialize in a particular aspect of marketing such as branding or pricing, and even by individual consultants.

In general, an MBA is necessary to be considered for positions in product management or marketing consulting. If you have an interest in these careers:

  • Follow the course recommendations for the marketing communications interest area or the market research and analysis interest area
  • Develop your analytic skills, because these positions put a premium on analysis
  • Plan to take an MBA at a school that has a good record of placing people in these types of positions.