Selling & Sales Management

The largest number of career opportunities for marketing majors is, by far, in the field of selling and sales management. The positions often pay very well and offer substantial autonomy. There are many different kinds of selling.

There is "outside" sales, where you call on customers, and "inside" sales, where customers come to you (retail sales are a form of inside selling, as are industrial sales where customers call with inquiries). There is selling to businesses and selling to consumers. There is selling to new buyers and selling to existing buyers. Many of the best jobs in selling involve outside selling to businesses, with a primary focus on maintaining and expanding relationships with existing customers and a lesser focus on selling to new accounts.

How Many Jobs Are Available?

Hundreds. These jobs are available through the Sales Career Mixer, Rockwell Career Services, personal networking, and want ads.

Who Is It Good For?

Selling is a good career choice if you: like to get out and meet people; are diligent enough to work without close supervision; are a good enough listener to understand what your customers need; and are honest and responsible, so you will keep your word to customers and put their interests first.

Suggested Courses

Students interested in selling careers should take the following courses:

  • Strategic Selling
  • Sales Leadership

Other suggested courses:

  • Business to Business Marketing
  • CRM & Database Marketing