The SURESM Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Bauer Student FAQs

What is the Bauer student’s role in the SURE℠ Program?

In short: consultants. The first three weeks have a heavy reading load to get students prepared, but starting in the fourth week all of the work is hands on. After indicating preferences of industry and business-type, each student is assigned 3-4 entrepreneurs in the third week of class. Students begin working as consultants to help the entrepreneurs solve their business problems and get them funding.

As consultants, students are expected to connect the entrepreneurs to the knowledge and resources her or she needs to start a business. This can mean doing research on the internet or using the student’s own skills and experience, but often it means going to the experts, the SCORE mentors, and the University of Houston faculty. Each entrepreneur who completes the program must write a business plan, and the collection of business plans is the student’s final submission for a grade. There are no exams in the course.

What does Bauer Student get out of the SURE℠ Program?

The class offers an unmatched opportunity to get hands on experience with any number of areas. Because of the class structure, many students choose to add Consultant with the University of Houston SURE℠ Program to their résumé, detailing all the different ways they helped to grow their entrepreneurs’ small businesses.

What is the SURE℠ Program?

SURE℠ is an acronym that stands for Stimulating Urban Renewal through Entrepreneurship. The SURE℠ Program has several parts, but the part most relevant to the class Brainstorming to Bankrolling: Beyond the Classroom, is SURE for Entrepreneurs. The overarching mission of the SURE℠ Program is to energize the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and add to the already robust activity centered around Bauer business by addressing what is called—in a term borrowed from Microfinance—the Base of the Pyramid: those without access to the educational and financial institutions often necessary to start a business.

How does the SURE℠ Program for Entrepreneur Work?

During the semester, budding and aspiring entrepreneurs come to campus in order to learn accounting, marketing, supply chain management, personal finance, and many other topics from some of the best subject matter experts Houston has to offer. By the end of the semester, we hope to take these entrepreneurs, who came to us with only an idea (brainstorming), all the way to being ready to pitch to banks and other institutions for funding (bankrolling).

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Entrepreneur FAQs

What is the SURE℠ Program?

THE SURE℠ Program is an education program that takes would-be entrepreneurs with a business idea, struggling business, or inactive business, and through the use of MBA consultants and industry experts guides the entrepreneurs through every stage of developing their business: from brainstorming to bankrolling.

Would-be entrepreneurs apply to get in. Those accepted into the program are expected to attend ten free lectures given by industry experts in their field and be mentored by MBA students. From industry experts, the entrepreneurs learn about a wide range of topics: accounting, finance, taxation, business development sales, marketing, supply chain management, logistics, writing a business plan, and networking. From MBA consultants, the entrepreneur is connected with all of the resources he or she may need to succeed.

Each entrepreneur will receive an official certificate of completion from the SURE℠ program and remains a lifelong alumni, joining a network of successful Houston small business owners.

Who can join the SURE℠ Program?

Anyone with the drive to start a business can join the SURE℠ Program. There are no educational or financial requirements to join. (You do not have to be a student at UH.)

What do I need to do to join and participate?

To join you MUST attend registration in the fall or spring semesters.

  • University of Houston Campus, Cemo Hall (4246 Martin Luther King Boulevard, Houston, TX, 77204)

Once you’ve joined, it is mandatory to attend the free classes from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. every Monday.

What do I get out of the SURE℠ Program?

Each entrepreneur gets all the knowledge he or she needs to start and grow a business, mentorship from business leaders, one-on-one consulting from business students, all the resources available to the University of Houston, and an audience with some of Houston’s premier lending institutions, giving you unparalleled access to capital. In short, if you put in the work, we have the resources to make your business happen.

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