Undergraduate Real Estate Certificate

Required Courses

FINA 4380 – Real Estate Finance & Investment (3 CH)
The course provides an overview of financing for all major real estate asset classes. It includes the principles and practices of real estate finance and investment, focusing on the fundamentals of commercial real estate, the financial tools needed to analyze and make decisions related to real estate financing, and the variables to be identified and quantified as part of the process. Examination of leverage, its impact on projects, and how to calculate various forms of debt structures used in the finance of commercial real estate. Case studies will be utilized to illustrate the common practices in the business.
Prerequisite or Corequisite: FINA 4330 Corporate Finance

FINA 4381 – Essentials of Real Estate (3 CH)
Introductory, overview course covering all major aspects of real property and estate business, including land title and ownership interests, title, encumbrances and title insurance policies, surveys, laws and regulations controlling real estate, development and construction, financing of real estate, roles and responsibilities of participants in real estate development and related topics.

FINA 4382 – Developing a Real Estate Project (3 CH)
Introduction to the real estate development industry including applied processes and best practices used on actual development projects. The course follows the development process from an entrepreneurial and “deal making” point-of-view. Course topics include market analysis, site selection, project budgeting/financial analysis, land acquisition, marketing and leasing, joint ventures, financing, design and construction management, and dispositions. In addition, this course will utilize case studies to illustrate these practices, and illustrate the multidisciplinary nature of real estate development teams.

FINA 4383 – Real Estate Market Analysis & Valuation (3 CH)
This introductory course covers the fundamentals of market research in real estate and determination of development project feasibility. Topics include land economics, shift-share analysis, market demand forecasts, and assessment of competitive conditions, determination of market risk plus project vacancy and absorption projections for residential, commercial and mixed-use projects.

Elective Courses

FINA 4397 – Multifamily Real Estate (3 CH)
Overview of the major divisions of residential real estate, multi-family, single family, community development and homebuilding in which students gain knowledge and skills in all professional aspects of the residential business, financial analysis, market analysis, financing, development, sale or leasing, and operations. This is an “enterprise-based course,” meaning how a multifaceted residential real estate company is organized and operates at the corporate level.