Real Estate Program

Stanford Alexander Center for Excellence in Real Estate

A Center dedicated to the development and application
of best practices in the real estate profession.
About the Stanford Alexander Center
Innovative Practice Award Program

The mission of the Center is to provide professional, practice-based programs that complement the academic curriculum of the Real Estate Program.

Stanford Alexander

The Center will be guided by the principles and values of Mr. Stanford Alexander, whose legacy of real estate professional practice, personal integrity and dedication to community service stands as a beacon for the Real Estate Program to achieve its goal of becoming a nationally recognized practice-based Real Estate Program.

The Stanford and Joan Alexander Foundation

Founded by one of the most prominent and respected real estate industry leaders and his wife, Joan, the Stanford and Joan Alexander Foundation has generously created an endowment to fund the Center. In his honor, the Center is named the Stanford Alexander Center for Excellence in Real Estate.

Principles and Values of the Center
  • Excellence
  • Enduring Quality
  • Market Driven
  • Financial Success
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Community Stewardship

Governance of the Center

The Executive Advisory Board Center Committee is responsible for governance of the Center’s programs, operations and finances.

Programs of the Center:

1. Industry Leadership
2. Student Success
3. Industry Service



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Stanford Alexander Center for Excellence in Real Estate
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