Quantitative Finance Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Quantitative Finance is a certificate that students enrolled in the MS Finance or MBA programs at the Bauer College of Business can earn, if they successfully complete the courses listed in the Certificate’s curriculum. The goal of this certificate is to allow students to show employers their relevant courses in the area of quantitative finance, and that their studies prepared them for careers in that area. The Certificate is based on a number of graduate courses in finance, which are open to MS Finance and MBA students. The Certificate is designed for someone targeting a career that requires a background in quantitative methods underlying, for example, derivative securities and fixed income securities. The Certificate builds on core courses and other key courses that graduate students interested in all areas of finance will complete.

Admission Requirements

The certificate can be earned as part of a graduate degree, either the MBA or the MS Finance. There are no separate admission requirements beyond having been admitted to one of those graduate programs. Alumni of the MBA and MS Finance programs at the Bauer College of Business can also enroll to take the required courses and earn the Certificate. Those graduates would have already satisfied the admission requirements for the programs to which they were admitted.


(Need 15 credit hours)

  • FINA 7A40 - Fixed Income I (REQUIRED) Credit Hours: 1.5
  • FINA 7A41 - Fixed Income II (REQUIRED) Credit Hours: 1.5
  • FINA 7A50 - Derivatives I (REQUIRED) Credit Hours: 1.5
  • FINA 7A51 - Derivatives II (REQUIRED) Credit Hours: 1.5
  • FINA 7354 - Financial Econometrics (REQUIRED) Credit Hours: 3
  • FINA 7355 - Stochastic Calculus and Computational Finance (REQUIRED) Credit Hours: 3
  • FINA 7358 - Programming in R - Finance Applications (REQUIRED) Credit Hours: 3

Elective certificates are only offered to actively-enrolled Bauer MBA and MS students. The only exception applies to MBA and MS alumni, who may also return to pursue certificates.