Eight Levels of Cultural Competence

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Location/Format: Asynchronous/Virtual | Cost: $1,420

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Location/Format: UH Campus/In-person | Cost: $1,800


Elizabeth Frisch

The Eight-Levels of Leadership Competence is one of The Thrival Company’s flagship workplace professional development programs. Part head, part heart and all about honoring what makes us each unique while simultaneously finding understanding and common ground to drive high performance. The methods taught here create empowerment and freedom for every employee no matter what their background, education, age, or time of service on the job. This program was developed originally to help Chief Financial Officers successfully lead diverse teams in office and in remote work environments and was rapidly expanded to encompass all leaders whether they hold the formal title or not.

Mastery of the ‘soft skill’ side of being an employee, manager, and team member in an organization is essential as the average modern workplace now covers five generations and over a dozen different nationalities and cultural practices. Combine that with personalities, learning styles, life experiences, gender differences, socioeconomic differences and language varieties, education and working together effectively has become a much more challenging proposition and it does not have to be!

This practicum focuses on the eight essential elements that make up the typical individual and how to adapt your style at work based on the “avatar” of the people and/or organization you are responsible for working with. Content is presented as actionable practices to master such that attendees are empowered to apply these skills immediately in any workplace situation. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Learn how to build avatars that define your team at the organizational and individual levels
  • Recognize ‘who’ they are working with based on the eight competencies and empower them to work successfully with ANY person on a team and in any circumstance
  • Be able to adapt your working style and approach to maximize the effectiveness of team interactions, accountability, and success with diverse groups
  • Build rapport, trustworthiness, and effectiveness of project management and team outcomes
  • Master the drama-free workplace

Course modules include:

  • Module 1: What makes us human – making the complex simple
  • Module 2: The psychology of teams – past, present, and the new future
  • Module 3: The personality archetypes that you will meet in the workplace and why we NEVER lead or manage based on those archetypes
  • Module 4: Does gender really matter in the workplace on how you work with someone?
  • Module 5: The impact of our identify and personality on our working style and team/project management effectiveness
  • Module 6: The core elements of working together successfully
  • Module 7: Culture and nationalities – how can we effectively address individuals, especially when we do not understand their culture (the unknown) and dealing with language barriers
  • Module 8: Socioeconomics and the success or failure of individual interactions based on that background
  • Module 9: Leveling the playing field on a team – consistency amongst diversity and performance amongst adversity
  • Module 10: Overcoming communication barriers
  • Module 11: Five generations who all think the others are wrong
  • Module 12: What is a team member who can consistently bridge the gap in ANY team scenario

Asynchronous/Virtual Option

This course is presented asynchronously and is self-paced over a 12-week period of time. This course does include work on your own assignments or with a group and the deliverables are sent to the instructor via the learning portal.

There are live online weekly one-on-one and/or group coaching times to work on module topics after business hours and typically 7-8 a.m. or 5-6 p.m. to accommodate work schedules and receive direct support from the instructor.

All live coaching sessions are optional and HIGHLY recommended for successful completion of your assignments. And the sessions will be recorded and shared in the learning management system within 24 hours of the live session for your review.

If you are unavailable for live coaching and presentation practice, you will be able to submit your assignments and the instructor will record or email feedback and send to you if you are unavailable to attend the live sessions offered each week of the course.